Stockings and pantyhose.


Denier is the weight of the fabric in your tights, stockings and hosiery. Usually, the heavier and thicker the material, the higher the denier.

Low Denier hosiery is lighter, less thick and around 5 to 20 denier. Sheer tights and stockings often have lower deniers. The lightest hosiery sheer styles, of under 10 denier, are called ultra sheer and they are especially light, almost invisible. They often feel like a second skin or a sort of makeup for your legs. Low denier ultra sheer tights are delicate, the fibers are woven very close together.  I love this grade of stockings. Many people prefer going for a little safer option and wearing 15 to 20 deniers, especially if you wear sheer hosiery to work.

Stockings may be sorted by holdup (not needing a garter) versus stocking (needing a garter).  They may be sorted by seamed, cuban heeled, with toe enforced and without toe enforced.  Stockings may also be sorted by color.


I wear stockings made for someone 5’2″ tall and 115 lbs.  


As a thank you or a nice greeting gift, stockings are wonderful.


Pretty Polly Flirty Hold ups:  I like the Backseam Hold Ups and the Flirty

Pretty Polly 9 denier Hold ups  Size small/Medium   Color:  Barely There

Pretty Polly Lace Top Hold Ups  Size:  Small/Medium   Color:  Nude or Black

Pretty Polly Stockings  Size:  Small/Medium   Color:  Sherry