Expressing what you want to do during your session

I am always amused by the different ways minds work and the detail some folks put into having their fantasy come to life without writing an erotic novel or script for me.  

Scripts are stiffling, I won’t be able to memorize your words and by writing a script a folk has taken all spontaneity out of our interaction.  Most important is our connection, passion, having fun together.  Roll Play scenes can give you permission to do things you might feel anxious or inhibated about because “it isn’t you, it is a character”.


Sometimes folk simply request a Role Play.  Here are traditional  and lots of random role play:




Boss/wife of employee who embezzled money



Astronaut that lands on Male Dom planet

Captured female Pirate

Captured soldier


From this you can outline how you’d like the roll play to proceed.

Great examples of outlines:


1) Massage: you would be the massage therapist and when I come in you ask me to get on the table, before you’re able to leave the room, I’m already naked and it makes you a bit anxious/excited, you ask me to get on the table (or bed) face down, you cover me and start massaging my back, we have small chat and then you let something slip out about seeing my ‘member’, you catch self and feel embarressed, I then role over and expose myself and this leads to me directing you where to massage and with what….maybe I even get to massage you:)
2) I would like to roll play employee/secretary, at work we have a group secretary, you would take on this role, you would have on sexy/revealing/but not to revealing clothes and you let it slip how you have a crush on me and we move forward from there.



And then there are the truly inspired set up scenes:


Your are an actual member of the housekeeping staff at the hotel – you are wearing the required uniform.  A bit strange to require something so provocative, yes; but it’s a marketing tactic to attract business (and it’s working).  In fact, the change in dress code is one of the reasons you applied for the job.  You loved the idea from a marketing perspective, knew you would look amazing in it and figured it would lead to better pay than the previous hotel you worked at.  Plus, it wouldn’t really interfere with your work.  
You clearly aren’t prude, but you certainly fall to the more traditional sense when it comes to sex.  You almost exclusively engage in monogamous relationships and always vanilla in nature.  You aren’t offended by those that are more adventurous than you, you just feel you don’t have that ‘thing’ inside your mind and body that other do.  You are, however, curious.  Not curious in the “I want to try this” way, but more in the “Why do others do these things? and “Why don’t I want to?” way.  It’s this curiosity that has you in my room in the first place.
It was yesterday when you were cleaning the room next door when you hear the sounds from inside this room, the voices, the direction, the clanks of cuffs and the smack of skin on skin contact. “Of course, the privacy door sign is outside” you noticed when you walked by to clean the adjacent room.  Wanting to see more – to know what was really going on behind that door – you took the very risky action of stepping inside this morning, having watched me leave the room only 30 minutes ago.
Your initial hunch was, of course, correct.  Upon entering you saw all the toys, some of which familiar to you – by sight of course (except for the dildos – sometimes a girl needs to get things done by herself). You’ve never desired to play this way, which again, is where your curiosity rests.  “Why don’t I want this as other do?  What do others get from this?”.  You looked over everything on the beds – picking things up, putting them down where you found them as to not reveal you were there.  Amazed at the sheer number and variety of implements you continued on, opening drawers, peeking in the closet….”Whoever this person is, they are an expert and maybe some sort of professional”, you think to yourself. Perhaps they would have the answers.   As you consider this last thought, you figure maybe you could create a chance run-in with the man you saw leaving – maybe he’d be able to answer your curiosities over coffee. But how would you be able to introduce the topic without exposing that you were in his room when you clearly should not have been?  And with that thought, you heard the door unlock.
You’re caught.  Even though you work at the hotel, entering a room with a privacy sign is, in effect, trespassing.  You will lose your job, without a doubt.  And you can’t afford to be out of work for even a day.  It’s bad enough that you are seen as a dumb blonde by your manager, there is no way you could talk yourself out of this situation with him.  The threat of contacting management will frighten you.  You offer no excuse other than that you were curious after hearing things yesterday.  You offer no bargain, only pleads of forgiveness.  You are a strong women who made a mistake, not a whore who will fuck herself out of another problem.  Assuming you can prevent that call to the housekeeping manager, you buy yourself some time, though.  And, of course, now that you have my attention and don’t need a reason to introduce the topic, you want to ask questions about what goes on here, and where the motivation comes from – and why you don’t have it.   At times you press for details. How does it all start?  Who becomes the ‘boss’? What does the ‘sub’ do? Why all the dress-up? With assistance and direction, can what you thought was missing inside you, be found? 
Your curiosity got you in this predicament, will it get you out? 
Hotel uniform guidelines in your employment manual:
All housekeeping staff are required to wear the one-piece uniform (provided).  The uniform should be regularly cleaned, maintained and polished.  There should be no dull spots noticeable on either side (front or back).  

Stockings (not provided) must also to be worn.  Stockings should be sheer black in color and may have a back seam (i.e. “french style”).  Stockings must be at least thigh high in length and when necessary should be held in position with a garter belt (also not provided).  The garter belt must be black in color and may be made of PVC to match the uniform (non-PVC is allowed). Other dark colors (dark greens, navy, etc.) may also be allowed pending management approval.  Stockings and garter belts that do not meet these requirements must be approved by management 1 day prior to employee wearing them.  Under no circumstance will management provide “same day” approvals.

Undergarments (e.g. panties, thongs, g-strings)
Undergarments of any kind (with the exception of garter belts) are to be worn with approval from management only.  
Heels (not provided) are to be worn at all times.  Heels are to be black, red or white and must be at least 3″ in height. Platform heels are permitted, provided toe-to-heel rise is at least 3″.  All efforts should be made to wear patent leather heels, though non-patent leather are accepted.  NO BLOCK, WEDGE OR CHUNKY HEELS.  If you are not sure you heels meet requirements, please speak with your manager prior.
Boot Days
On special occasions, boots are to be worn with the uniform.  Employees will be notified in advance and must wear either black, red or white boots with their uniform provided they are are at least knee height (thigh-high height are accepted and encouraged).  Boot heel height must also be at least 3″.  Boot Days have proven to be an effective marketing tool to increase bookings and average nightly spend.  They are also a great opportunity to take advantage of some flexibility in your uniform.  Employees find tips increase during these days!  

Employees must wear appropriate make-up (Lipstick, eyeliner, shadow, mascara, etc.).  Eye hues may be of any color, lipstick must be RED.    


It is important to maintain your impeccable, tidy appearance, and your hair is no exception.  All hair longer than chin length must be placed in a bun or single pony tail tied to the back top of head.  All efforts should be made to maintain tight buns and ponytails throughout the day (See Inspections)
Uniform inspections can and will occur at anytime from 1hr prior to your shift to 1hr after your shift has ended.  Any employee that does not pass inspection will be subject to wage holds.