At Home in Los Angeles

Most of my mornings are spent at Kenneth Hahn Park training Ponies and Trainers. It is really good to get up, have a purpose and move the body, get in the flow, and get going. I love my hobby, the LA Pony and Critter Club and the very special people that participate in it. We’re freaks.

If you want a morning appointment, please just arrange it in advance, as my work has priority over my hobby, just as your life works that way. 😉

I am looking forward to spending Friday, December 21st to Christmas with Family and a good friend. Love my family to pieces. Now, there is a relationship that represents a lot of ongoing work, cultivating, nurturing, heart, soul and love. As all relationships, it works best when everyone involved is participating.

I am currently taking a break this morning from working on sorting my receipts for taxes and getting a head start on organizing all of this while I am home, so that I can file in a timely fashion. My Tax Accountant will be stunned. Everyone’s business has paperwork, tax filing, and mine is no different.

I remember the year, as a musician just out of college that I made enough money to finally pay taxes. I was ever so excited. That is truly the spirit to have.

It is all the people I come in contact with that make my work special, make it worthwhile and I love it so much. I love my life.