“Somethings change and Somethings remain the same.”

Why i created this site:

BDSM is becoming mainstream. You see it in movies such as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and “The girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Sometimes foolishly people look at what we do and think there is nothing to it. Let’s just go to the Hustler Store and buy a cheap flogger and have at it. It doesn’t occur to a person you need to know what are off-limit places to hit and which are good places to hit that crop or cane. There are techniques in how to use tools properly. there is a difference between safe, sane consensual and abuse.

I once (what seems a lifetime ago now) had a partner gag me, bind me, hold my arms over my head while he took his belt and whipped me with it on my C-section scar much more than on my pussy. My entire abdomen filled with blood, it swelled up, I was close to going to ER treatment when the packs of ice seemed to kick in to reduce the swelling. I was very uncomfortable for a day. The bruising lasted weeks. I don’t want this to happening to another submissive. Protect yourself, ask questions before you play, know your partner.

Be safe.
Be sane.
Have fun.

Other aspects of this site:

This site is where I post all of my essays, blog, post fetish/bdsm stories and images for people to view.

Regarding me, subMissAnn:

The truth about me is: my mind is limitless in its thinking. my pine atom is eternal. I change my life by changing my mind. If I will it, it is no dream. There are no wrinkles upon my soul. This is it, let the good times roll. Yes, I dare to live the life I imagine and invite you to do the same.

My life:

I try very hard each day to be the best person I can be. Intelligence, Loyalty, Integrity, Ethical behavior, Professionalism, open honest communication, Wit & humor & cleverness are important to me.

I am an intelligent, creative and physically active woman. My flower box is well planted and satisfying. It is my belief that you create your own magic and prosperity. I love life and my life.

I am one of the Hermione girls that sat next to you in school. Given enough time we look as beautiful on the outside as we always were on the inside.

I have a deep fascination for Pirates.


erotic art, fetish art, kitties, Big Cats, Homer, Faulkner, ee cummings, Hemingway, Joyce, Tolkien, M. Rawn, B. Jacques, J.M. Barrie, J.K. Rowling, A. Rice, Dante, Anais Nin, L. Frank Baum, A. McCaffrey, M. Stackpole, T. Brooks, D. Adams, R. Zelazny, H. C. Anderson, L. Bemelmans, Johanna Spyri, R. Sanderson, Marilee Heyer, C. Van Allsberg, Clive Staples Lewis, Jan Brett, M. Sendak, A.A. Milne, M. Hodges, Rev. W. Awdry, Hague, Burroughs, Updike, G. Maguire, R. Bach, N. Friday, F. Herbert, Dossie Easton, Catherine Liszt, Laura Antoniou, Pauline Reage, Craig Morey’s work, Vampire fetish, Pony Play, Rebecca Wilcox, shoebox boots, NCSF, Freedom of Speech, enlightenment, Bikram yoga, hiking, national forests, national parks, action movies, Tristan Taormino, Deborah Addington, Trevor Watson, Philip Miller and Molly Devon, The Star Wars series, The Star Trek (original) series, The Farscape Series, The Firefly Series, Arrow, Flash. Supergirl, Gotham, Wolfgang Puck, Craig Claibourne, Julia Child, The Two Fat Ladies, Emmirl, John Robbins, hiking, camping, chamber music, opera, orchestral music, dark musicals, Beebop Jazz, a good full bodied merlot or malbec, classic Jazz, alternative Jazz, Goth/Industrial music, dancing all night, the search for the best sweet martini, walking hand in hand with a lover, the sound rain in the morning on the window pane, Dehners, long hair, horses, leather, puppies, biking, sun rises, green tickets, smiles, lingerie, corsets, latex, fuck me shoes, did i mention PIRATES?

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Official Bio:

The short version:

Ann known through out the BDSM Community as subMissAnn has been a long standing member for 24 years. She became interested in Pony Play in 2006 and has participated in Folsom Fair since 2007. Exploring Pony Play lead her to Pony Mistress Rebecca Wilcox, with whom she shares the North American Pony/Trainer 2009 Leather Title. SubMissAnn formed the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club in December of 2009 and is the producer of the North American Pony/Trainer Contest. She is a published contributor to the Equus Eroticus Magazine and the author of “Pony Play with subMissAnn.

The long version:

Born 24 September 1955. Ann grew up in the San Francisco area. She was a flutist and an art composer. Ann graduated with a Double Major in flute performance and music composition from both University of Redlands (B.M.) and Mill’s College (M. A.) Ann moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and was a member of the Independent Composer’s Association.  She’s a mother of two (a boy and girl), a grandmother of four (2 boys and 2 girls).   Ann owned a small business, Merrymaking Children’s parties from Possibility to Reality, doing upgrade custom children’s parties in Los Angeles while she raised her children. Since November 2005, she has a porn career under the name of “Robin Pachino”.   She has an educational BDSM site, www.asksubmissann.com.  She offers her submissive service professionally by appointment via web cam.  She has and continues to do erotic art, BDSM and fetish modeling for some of the world’s best photographer’s.   subMissAnn was trained by PonyMistress Rebecca, and was given her pony name, Beauty, by her.  Beauty has participated in Folsom Fair since 2007.   They share the North American Pony/Trainer 2009 leather title. subMissAnn is a published contributor to Equus Eroticus Magazine and the author of “Pony Play with subMissAnn”.  subMissAnn has been a presenter at Beyond Leather, Brimstone, Black Rose, Camp Crucible, Desire – Leather Women Unleashed, DomConLA, GLLA, IMsL, Kinky Kollege, Leather & Leis, Mr & Ms International Olympus, Sin-In-The-City, Threshold, Lair de Sade, LADs, Club X, and Thunder in the Mountains.  subMissAnn produces EQUUS International Pony Play Event and the North American Pony/Trainer Leather title.  She considers herself to be truly blessed to have excellent health; to be able to hike with her dog, Kelly, to take in the beauty of this earth; to have positive supportive friends/family she enjoys being with and is inspired by; to be free to create, to be pervy, sexy, kinky and deviant worthy of discipline every day.