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Tomorrow I see my Master for the afternoon with the promise of punishment, torment and bondage….punishments less delightful than the torments….but a new element is that I am to greet Him by kneeling and kissing his feet. I am not worried about this in the context that I take joy in kissing and worshipping his bare feet…it’s just different to do it right off and with shoes/clothed etc.. That makes it slightly humiliating for me. How should i prepare myself for this?

Oh no, it is not humility. You should be ready, fully groomed. desire Him, wish with all your heart to please Him, upon seeing him drop to your knees and kiss His feet as if it was the last gift He might give you. Openly demonstrate your love and gratefulness to be there, the one chosen to be there to please Him at that moment.

What is a good “safe” word?

The classic safe word is “RED”. It isn’t a word you might say in conversation or as a reaction to pain. Your safe word needs to be something you can remember in a stressful situation. Something short and simple is my advice.

My safe word is “scarlet”. i have never needed to use it. i only play with partners i know and trust. i play with partners who clearly know my limits and boundaries before we play. If i am concerned about something, i ask if we may talk, please. The code word for this is to say “yellow”. If you are to be in a situation that you cannot speak, have agreed upon hand or foot signals worked out before play begins.

Do you prefer a higher degree of protocol or a lesser degree, more flexible approach?

The only important decision I make is choosing a Master. After that, it is my position/job to obey Master at all times.

My personal priority is choosing an experienced Master I will grow with. The amount of protocol a Master wishes is His preference, not mine and very individual to each Master.

how do you wear a ball gag with out gaging on your spit?

Open or relax your mouth enough so that the spit drools out.

Where does such a beauty live ? Why didn’t we meet before ? I just fell in love of your smile, your body, your shoes and your brains ! I’ve always been convinced that people born in the fifties (like us) are wonderful ! If you live less than 2000 miles from Monte-Carlo, answer me ! If not, I travel a lot (I’m a musician) and hope to meet you before we both pass our seventieth birthday ! A vous, mon admiration la plus authentique et mes rêves de ce soir.

i currently live in Los Angeles.

i can be found at public BDSM events and clubs where anyone is welcome to walk up and say hello. i look exactly like my current photos – you will be able to recognize me.

You may arrange a private bdsm session with me by e-mail. You may e-mail me at:

i am not interested in meeting people that want me to be their girl friend or wife or lifestyle submissive. i am not interested in developing these types of relationships at this time.

Thank you for the lovely note.

Do you have much experience with small penis humiliation?

i am a submissive, a female with no penis to humiliate, and most of my experience is in this position. Therefore the correct response is “No, i do not have much experience with small penis humiliation.”

It is my understanding that BDSM play, no matter what your play list, should be fun to engage in or something is wrong. If the humiliation play is not fun, it can be emotional abuse. It is a fine line. i’m all for humiliation play that gives the bottom a tougher skin, lets the bottom see how ridiculous the thought that they are inadequate is. Every person is complete and whole and beautiful. It only matters what you think about yourself, not what others think about you.

Growing up with my Grandmother there were many hours after being caught in some behavior she deemed “immoral” that i sat and listened to her calling me a whore, a slut, having no more morals than an alley cat, etc., etc. For those whom wish to engage in humiliation play with me – i tell them to give it their best shot. When one embraces that they are a slut and rejoices, relishes whom they are, to be a slut and a whore is not demeaning to their spirit. It is fun for me to engage in humiliation play with a Dom who wishes to call me a slut and whore and that i am his cum dumpster.

A small penis man should have an attitude of “whoo!hoo! i have a small penis. i can fuck you ’til the cows come home in all positions and never hit your uterus or hurt you no matter how small your vagina is. i am THE stud you want to fuck for hours and hours.”

For that man, small penis humiliation play is fun. i engage in small penis humiliation play as that man’s Top when requested.

For too many it is not so, i will not take part in damaging my fellow human being.

i once had a man call me, whom wished me to humiliate his penis. He had very long foreskin. He was not circumcised. He had for years engaged in penis humiliation play with Dommes. i refused. i told him this issue is fixable. He honestly felt bad about how he looked, he had issue with his appearance. i told him to go to a qualified doctor and have it corrected so that his image matched to how he saw himself as being with a handsome penis – a penis that looked as he thought it should. He called me back several months later. He had had the operation. He was a changed man on the inside as well as the outside, transformed in how he engaged in being alive and the possibilities that were available to him.

A D/s relationship is based on Honor, Respect, Honesty, Accountability, Transparency, Commitment, Working Communication and Trust. i’m there to support my Dom/Domme in being all they can be, in being the best person possible, in being able to and supporting that person in achieving their goals. The Dom/Domme is there on the same level for me. To the degree that i’m committed to being the best me and achieving my goals and to the degree that they are committed to being the best them and achieving their goals, we have a powerful, working relationship.

That relationship translates in life to looking and sounding like this:

Dom: “I want to be the best fire player in the world.”

sub: great. i’ll support you in that. i’ll research everything i can about it, we’ll look at all the techniques, determine how to safely, sane and consensually play, i’ll be available to practice on and ask others to practice with you when possible, so that you can be the best fire player in the world.

No matter if this is a lifestyle relationship, a club playing relationship or a paid session, the people involved/engaged in play should be there for the positive outcome of both people.

Thank you for the question. ;-D

Wow, you are beautiful. Do you allow bondage and tickling sessions. You are tied and tickled. Thank you!

hank you for your kind words. If it is our first session i require you to use the carobiners in my sub toy bag at my wrists so that i may release myself if necessary. It was the only way i could think of to make this type of play (bondage) safe with a person i don’t know. i have allowed repeat clients to tie me up after we have gotten to know each other better without the safety latch.

Have Fun! Be Safe. is a good motto ;-D

i love Tickle Play. please check out my Tickle Clips to see what i’m like during this type of play.


do you provide escort as well

Any client could have an escort session with me within my limits as stated in my essay regarding my submissive service, if the client chose to do so. It’s your time, money, session. i’m there to obey and serve you. My donation per hour does not change. If you simply wanted me to be your stunning date over a meal with good conversation and that was your session, that is your choice.

As a person, i offer personality, intelligence, am well read, and in general, i am an interesting person to share time with. i think the meal becomes more unique if you have placed a vibe egg up one of my holes, turn it on at random and enjoy watching me squirm while trying to maintain my train of thought, answering a question you have just asked me. Perhaps that’s just me. The different, the unusual, the unique opportunity to be with a submissive woman, to partake in experiences that are not consensually available to you with other women.

That statement doesn’t mean you need to be a sadist to session with me. Not all Doms are sadists. i am simply opening a door to you to explore and enjoy. BDSM isn’t all beat me, beat me. It is fun, playing games, good times.

Please read my TER reviews:

The Erotic Review

for clients critiques of what i do, what it is like to be with me.


Have you been used my two or more men at once?

My porn name is “robin pachino”. On film for the world to know the answer to this question is proof that i’ve done several sets of two men and me, three men and me.

When everyone is good to go, and is there to have fun and there isn’t an emotional entanglement, it is fun hot sex to have multiple people.

Eleven and more women at one time rocks!


Is it possible to make a date with Miss Ann ?

Not at this time. A person only has so much time, 24/7 . That’s it. My time gets divided between work: erotic art/bdsm/fetish/bondage/porn modeling, real time submissive sessions, creating video clips, web camming on nite flirt, pre and post production of videos; eating, sleeping, excercising everyday; family (two children and three grandchildren) and rarely do i get to play with friends or hang out with friends. At this time in my life, i have goals and projects that are important to me to accomplish, they are the priority. i do not date. i don’t have a boyfriend. i love my life, it is very full, an adventure, i’m inspired at every turn. i am complete and satisfied and go to bed exhausted almost every day. Hazzah!