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Real Time submissive service sessions

Q: You are listed on Eros Guide as doing submissive service sessions. What kind of sessions do you like? What turns you on? Do you do sessions with experienced players only? Do you do sessions with novices? Do you do sessions with more than one person or couples? Do you like sessions with men better than women? What do you wear? Can I ask you to dress how I want? What are my options? Do you ever Top? What is in the sub bag you bring? Do you do InCall and Outcall?


Bootblacking for Beginner Opportunists

There you are, at the toe of your Owners boot, smelling it (taking in the aroma of leather), kissing it (own up, you are loving the opportunity to take in the leather smell/feel/taste and give homage to Your leather/boot fetish as much as getting off on displaying how much you admire and are devoted to the Owner of these boots), when you open your eyes and see scuff marks. After the play is over, you muster all your boldness to offer

“May i clean and polish Your boots, Sir?”

Now what?

Be prepared, as all good scouts and submissives are, and have your Boot Kit ready.

Things of Interest: A Resource Guide for Service Slaves and Households

In the great world around us, which many in our life style refer to as the Vanilla World, there exists many resources that are valid and well worth our time. In the Season of Gift Giving, this may be a great alternative list of fabulous gifts that will be treasured. Please peruse this list of Books about Leadership, Books about Service, Books of interest about relationships, Lifestyle Training and Etiquette books, Books and Items of General Interest, and Movies, Drama Series, Documentaries



Sex Toys, Lube and cleaning toys

Q: What Sex Toys are Made of? How do i clean them? What kind of lube do i use with them?

“You do online submissive web camming and use sex toys during sessions as a profession. Over the last year i’ve seen many articles on sex toys being dangerous for my health. What do you know about this? Do you have recommendations of “safe” toys? What are your recommendations for cleaning sex toys?”



Let’s talk about Service

There are different types of serving and different levels of service. Everybody serves to some degree. The CEO serves the stock brokers, the administrators and field workers serve the CEO. A maid serves her boss. A student serves a teacher. A slave serves a Domme. There is nothing inherently bad or demeaning about service. If one feels humiliated or embarrassed, it is something one has added to the experience, just as one can add pride to a job well done.


“Drinking Master’s Piss”

Piss Drinking Has Risks writes:

“My Master and I have a relationship in which he uses me, with my consent, as his toilet. Two days after I spent a couple days with Him I was hauled in for a random drug test. I came back positive for marijuana, despite not having smoked pot in over 10 years. I am now suspended from my employment and may be dismissed.”


i promote Drinking Master’s Piss and Water Sports for the sexuality and bonding experience with Master. i have been very clear that whom you choose as your Master or your piss drinking partner is very important.


Anal Training

Question: Ok so I was watching Yo Momma’s a Freak# 3 and I have a question for you. I have a girl who has never done anal before at all. I have never had someone who was so new, most girls in the past either weren’t into anal or had a lot of experience and were easy to penetrate. So my question is how did you get to the point where you could take a cock so easy? I am no where near as big as the guy you were with in the movie but its still too much for her at this point.



How to Beg

Question: How do i beg? i’m not good at all at this, Help!


Answer: Effective and proper begging in a manner that gives true gratification to the person you are serving is an art and requires skill. i recommend lots of practice with enthusiasm as often as possible. My friend shenanigans (see Interview with Shenanigans) shared her answer to this question, which i will share with you.

“how to beg – Shanny style!”

“A friend of mine wanted to learn how to beg. She’s not very good at it. She even put in a request to radio station with a bdsm program about that very topic, hoping for some discussion. What did they tell her? To take acting classes.

I decided to write a little guideline, since I have learned a thing or two about begging over the years, and hopefully help her, and anyone else who wants to learn, and save all those bad beggars from wasting money on acting class! They don’t give lessons on begging in acting class.

The first step is probably the hardest, and if you can’t get past the first step, don’t even bother with any of the others, since you just aren’t ready to beg properly.

1. Swallow your pride. Debasing yourself isn’t going to change who you are. You’ll be the same person you were 5 minutes before you did as you will be 5 minutes after you do. If you can’t do this, try to put on a “pretend hat”, since this is all “acting” that we learned in “acting class,” it’s all pretend and doesn’t matter anyway, right? 😉

2. The Question. Ask for what you want. Be nice and polite. Don’t forget to say “please.” Expect to be denied. Its ok to pout a little, but not TOO much. Just enough to look cute, not enough to be annoying! Be prepared to ask again. Feel free to ask as often as you want, and try rephrasing the same question in more than one way, because everyone knows variety is the spice of life. Be sure to appear sincere, and smile nicely. Sincerity will take you a long way. If you’re not sincere, don’t ever let them know!

3. The Question, redux. Reiterate the question. Try to sound desperate. Clasp your hands together. Feel free to bounce up and down to add emphasis. For one thing, its cute. For another, it adds emphasis, so they’ll know this is important to you. Toss in phrases like “I’m begging you,” and “pretty please.” “Pretty please with a cherry on top” is also very appropriate, but expect to hear “you probably don’t have any cherries left!” If you use that one.

4. The bribe and the bargain. “I’ll be your best friend!” “I’ll suck your cock!” or if they said “you probably don’t have any cherries left” after you said “pretty please with a cherry on top” counter that by offering any and all cherries you might have left as a bargaining chip. Bribe the person you’re begging with something enticing. Offer more than one thing, because chances are the first thing won’t work. Mix up the bribery with more of #2 and #3. If bribing doesn’t work, ask them what they want in exchange for what you want. Be reasonable. Be generous! Offer them anything they want, and be prepared to follow-THROUGH.

5. The compliment. Now, this one can be performed at the beginning, the middle, the end, or continuously throughout the entire begging process (I recommend throughout, because who doesn’t like being told how glorious they are?). Tell them how wonderful they are, how sexy, how beautiful or ruggedly handsome – compliment them in some very sincere way. Bat your eyes, and use lots of colorful adjectives. Call them nice titles, like “oh great mighty awesome person against whom I am but a worm…” you get the idea.

6. The debasement. Get on your hands and knees. Kiss their feet if you want, ‘cause that’s kind of hot. Repeat steps 1 – 5 while performing step 6.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

If after all of this, you STILL don’t get what you were begging for, then it probably wasn’t meant to be. At this point feel free to toss in the towel & punch them in the genitals. =P”


i never recommend punching, myself 😉 i do recommend lots of enthusiasm. Begging is something best served for fun and entertainment of the person you serve. When you are desperate and needy, nothing you do is effective or fun for anyone. If you are close to desperate and needy, i recommend starting with your best blow job and hott fucking action to set the mood and loosen you up (relieve tension and frustration before debasing yourself foolheartedly).

Go full out! What have you got to loose? The person will say no and you are back at square one? You never have anything to loose, so play with all your heart in it. Have fun.


Pony Play

i am in issue No. 20 and 22 of

Equus Eroticus
and have articles posted in the online magazine.



Marks: Causes and After Care


A bruise is a common skin injury that results in a discoloration of the skin. Blood from damaged blood vessels deep beneath the skin collects near the surface of the skin resulting in what we commonly call a black and blue mark.