Top Mistresses USA

Here are some tools that you might find useful

BDSM Check List – This form allows you (the submissive/slave/bottom) to list what experience you have had, rate your willingness of each bdsm activity and note any nuances or comments you wish to make. Simply print it out and then fill it out for your Dom/Master/Top.

BDSM Glossary of Terms – the Glossary offers you definitions of some of terms you may see and hear.

Fetishes and Kinks – this list offers you definitions of terms.

HANKY CODES – The Hanky Code is a traditional form of signaling to others what your sexual preferences and interests are. The Hanky Code is a form of communicating what you like, what you are looking for and/or what you want in an accepted code to begin the negotiation process of your playlist with a consensual partner. Gay men used this code to communicate with each other in the noisy and distracting environment of gay bars. Although not as widely used these days, it is still a worthwhile resource and is, among those who know, a great conversation starter.

Hobbyist Acronyms – Acronyms that pertain to the Hobby.