Top Mistresses USA






I advocate safe, sane, consensual Play. Consenting sexual encounters between adults are a matter of preference.
Always know the person you go home with or play at privately owned dungeons for the bdsm community use or bdsm clubs. Always negotiate to the point of accord and complete agreement regarding limits, and most important…


>>> P L A Y S A F E L Y ! <<<

 Worn on Left  COLOR  Worn on Right
 SM top  BLACK  SM bottom
 latex fetish top  CHARCOAL  latex fetish bottom
 bondage top  GREY  fit to be tied!
 stone- I’ll fuck you  Lt. GREY  stone – just fuck me
 voyeur  WHITE  I’ll put on a show
 fucker  DARK BLUE  fuckee
 cop  MEDIUM BLUE  copsucker
 pilot/flight attendant  AIRFORCE BLUE  likes flyboys
 wants head  LT BLUE  cocksucker
 suck my dildo  LT BLUE w/ light Pink stripe  sucks dildo
 69er  ROBIN’S EGG BLUE  anything but 69ing
 cock & ball torturer  TEAL  cock & ball torturee
 watersex  AQUA  watersex
 military top  OLIVE DRAB  services military
 daddy looking for a son  HUNTER GREEN  boy looking for daddy
 hustler (for sale)  KELLY GREEN  john (looking to buy)
 dines off tricks (food)  LIME GREEN  dinner plate
 dirty talk  LT GREEN  dirty talk
 spits  LT YELLOW  drool crazy
 water sports pisser  YELLOW  piss freak
 two looking for one  GOLD  one looking for two
 hung 8″ or more  MUSTARD  size queen
 comes in condoms  CREAM  sucks it out
 two tons o’ fun  APRICOT  chubby chaser
 anything, anytime, anywhere  ORANGE  nothing now (just cruising)
 suck my toes  CORAL  shrimper
 a cowboy  RUST  his horse
 dildo fucker  LT PINK  dildo fuckee
 tit torturer  DK PINK  tit torturee
 unicorn  PINK W/ SPARKLES  unicorn fancier
 bruiser  PUCE  bruisee
 fist fucker  RED  fist fuckee
 2-handed fister  DK RED  2-handed fistee
 HIV positive RED CROSS  HIV positive
 spanker  FUSCHIA  spankee
 cuts  MAROON  bleeds
 into blood  WHITE w/ MAROON stripe  into blood
 likes menstruating women  MAROON  menstruating
 suck my pits  MAGENTA  armpit freak
 has navel  MAUVE  will worship a navel
 piercer  PURPLE  piercee
 likes drag queens  LAVENDER  drag queen
 smokes cigars  TAN  likes cigars
 rimmer  BEIGE  rimmee
 scat top  BROWN  scat bottom
 hosting an orgy  WHT/MULTICOLOR DOTS  looking for an orgy
 safe sex top  BLK/WHT CHECK  safe sex bottom
 milker  HOLSTEIN  milkee
 shaver  RED/WHT STRIPE  shavee
 furry bear  RED/BLK STRIPE  likes bears
 likes white bottoms  WHT LACE  likes white tops
 likes black bottoms  BLK/WHT STRIPE  likes black tops
 likes asian bottoms  YEL/WHT STRIPE  likes asian tops
 likes latino bottoms  BRN/WHT STRIPE  likes latino tops
 sailor  LT BLUE/WHT STRIPE  looking for salty seamen
 likes white suckers  LT BLU/WHT DOTS  likes to suck whites
 likes black suckers  LT BLU/BLK DOTS  likes to suck blacks
 likes asian suckers  LT BLU/YEL DOTS  likes to suck asians
 likes latino suckers  LT BLU/BRN DOTS  likes to suck latinos
 park sex top  RED/WHT GINGHAM  park sex bottom
 milker  BLUE/WHITE GINGHAM  milkee
 Trans grrl  PURPLE/WHITE GINGHAM  Transgrrl
 Trans dude  PURPLE FLANNEL  Trans dude
 genderqueer  PURPLE SEQUINS  genderqueer
 wears boxer shorts  PAISLEY  likes boxer shorts
 wears kilts  TARTAN  checks under kilts
 has/takes videos  BLACK VELVET  will perform for the camera
 voyeur (likes to watch)  WHITE VELVET  will put on a show
 watches masturbation  NAVY VELVET  will masturbate for audience
 actually owns a suit  GREY FLANNEL  likes men in suits
 starfucker  SILVER LAME  celebrity
 likes muscleboy bottoms  GOLD LAME  likes muscleboy tops
 uncut (uncircumcised)  BROWN LACE  likes uncut
 cut (circumised)  BROWN SATIN  likes cut
 headmaster  BRN CORDUROY  student
 likes to nibble  HOUNDSTOOTH  bite me
 geek  ARGYLE  loves geeks
 skinhead top  UNION JACK  skinhead bottom
 new in town  CALICO  tourists welcome
 has tattoos  LEOPARD  likes tattoos
 cuddler  TEDDY BEAR  cuddlee
 romance – pitching the woo  W/ FLOWER PATTERN  romance – woo me
 (prof) hot for student  TWEED  student
 bestialist top  FUR  bestialist bottom
 chicken  KEWPIE DOLL  chicken hawk
 wears a dirty jock  DIRTY JOCKSTRAP  sucks it clean
 outdoor sex top  MOSQUITO NETTING  outdoor sex bottom
 seeking massage  BLANKET  masseuse
 choker  NOOSE  chokee
 has drugs  ZIPLOC BAG  looking for drugs
 tearoom top (pours)  DOILY  tearoom bottom (drinks)
 bartender  COCKTAIL NAPKIN  bar groupie
 Rides/Trains Pony  MY LITTLE PONY  Pony
 stinks  KLEENEX  sniffs
 seeks service of public toilet  TOILET PAPER  offers service of public tiolet
 mechanic  OILY RAG  in need of a hot oil lube
 bartender  COCKTAIL NAPKIN  barfly
 rides a motorcycle  CHAMOIS  likes bikers
 titleholder  STUDDED LEATHER  title chaser
 gives enemas  LEMON  give me enema
 expects brunch  CELERY  brunch included
 drips hot wax  CANDLESTICK  wicks it up
 electrical toys top  EXTENSION CORD  grounding rod
 electricutor  ELECTRIC TAPE  electricutee
 cock pumper  VACUUM CLEANER BAG  wants cock pumped
 gives enemas  HOSE (NOZZLE)  gets douched
 wants to flog  FLOGGER  wants to be flogged
 bathhouse top  TERRYCLOTH  bathhouse bottom
 top looking for a bottom  KEYS (General)  bottom looking for a top
 top wants to take home a bottom
has a home
 KEYS IN FRONT  bottom wants to take home a top
has a car
 top wants to go home with a bottom
needs a place to stay
 KEYS IN BACK  bottom wants to go home with a top
looking for a ride
 single tonight, come on over  TOOTHBRUSH  lover’s in town, your place only