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All Clear May 2024

Thank you for a very successful Spring Tour!

Craig Amaral Photography April 25, 2024

I am grateful for your support and all the fun times we had.

Plans for Fall Touring have been made! They are:

  • Pittsburgh September 16 – 19
  • Salt Lake City Septmeber 26 – 28
  • Chicago October 8 – 10
  • Washington DC October 29 – 31

Booking my Time on Tour

Folks are Texting, sending emails, and calling to reserve my time while I am staying back east.  I will be visiting:

  • March 12 to March 14 Visiting Chicago
  • March 15 to March 18 Pittsburgh
  • March 19 to March 22 Visiting Philadelphia
  • April 15 to April 18 Visiting Manhattan
  • April 19 to April 22 Visiting Richmond, Virgina
  • April 23 to April 25 Washington DC

Don’t get left behind and miss the opportunity to see me.  I only take time blocks with folks I know I will give all my energy to and they will be satisfied and happy with their experience.  I do not overbook myself and zombie through.  Even Washington DC already has bookings.  I will be sending emails to Manhattan and Washington DC folks I have seen before tonight and tomorrow.

Looking forward to fun times, luvs.


What websites do I use?

I use Eros, Tryst, Mistress Elite, Preferred411.

Sometimes websites grab photos and make a profile of me. This is especially obvious when the photo grabbed has a watermark from the Eros website, as they were for a long time the only site I advertised on. Eros as of December 1st changed their categaroy options and no longer have BDSM, Fetish, nor Tantra categories. My name, email, and any words that are kink, fetish and BDSM related are not permitted.

I have expanded my placement of profiles on ad sites. These are sites I have profiles on.

Eros (I know, I had to play my pornstar card because that is what is accepted.)

Mistress Elite


Preferred 411

Visiting Cities 2024

Exciting News!  I will be visiting two new cities in 2024 that I have never gone to before, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia, and Richmond, Virgina!


  • March 12 to March 14 Visiting Chicago
  • March 15 to March 18 Pittsburgh
  • March 19 to March 22 Visiting Philadelphia
  • April 15 to April 18 Visiting Manhattan
  • April 19 to April 22 Visiting Richmond, Virgina
  • April 23 to April 25 Washington DC

If you wish to book an appointment, please use the Contact Me form.

Interested in a Hiking Adventure?

I plan our itinerary and make reservations for an extrodinary experience.  It is a turn key vacation that includes hiking, dining, and adult fun times at the level you want to explore.  This is a custom reservation of my time.  During Hiking Adventures we DO hike and explore, that is a requirement.  I can hike 10 – 14 miles a day for 4 days straight.  I have done this on recent Hiking Adventures.  We will do what is appropriate for you within the limits of what I can do.  Please use the Contact Form  if you are interested in this Service.


Places I would be interested in exploring:


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, and Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho


Olympic National Park and Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, Washington


Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana and Wyoming


Grand Canyon National Park and Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona


Virgin Islands National Park, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands


Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota


Kinky Caribbean

May 31 to June 7, 2024


I am seeking an adventurist Sponsor who wishes to shoot OnlyFans content with me and/or be the photographer/videographer.  This is a Packaged Resort Vacation that you pay upfront and it includes room, drinks, food, time with me.  Apply for this offer using my Contact Form.

Photo by Don Sir

Who wants to be a Special Sponsor?

Yes, I do wax my eyebrows and get a Brazilian (V) Wax every month.  I go to European Wax Center.  They have the most luxurious purple wax that works super great.  While do my own chin, upper and lower lip waxing using the Cirepil blue beads, there are some things best left to a professional.  This month is Buy Nine Get 3 Free.  Please use the Contact Form if you want to apply to be in this special relationship.  Rewards include morning greeting text for one year and 12 custom selfie pics.



Challenging Times


There are some interesting activities going on in banking.  One should have a business phone number and a personal mobile phone number.  Always remember that the Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned company.  It is found in the white pages next to FedEx, another privately owned company.

Eros, a privately owned company, decided to eliminate their BDSM category.  They rejected my ad, my name, my email address, and my About Me.  Fortunately, I have another card to play.  The lovely Robin Pachino has World premiered in the XXX Pornstars category.  I also have my ad in Mistress Elite.  I am looking at one more site.

Sometimes clients have life changes and move on.  If you move on burning the bridge, try to remember you burnt it when you return.  I promise you I will.  I promise you, you will return.  

It is always a good idea to interact with folks as if it is the smallest world you can imagine, everyone is connected, and one day sooner than you think you will be standing there wanting to have a civil conversation.

All Clear