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My go to is Oatmeal, with no added sugar, no brown sugar, not maple syrup, zero , zip, nata on the added sugar.  Cinnamon, yes;  Pecans (a handful), yes (walnuts are okay), dried cherries, yes.

The sugar is on the dried cherries. 23 grams of added sugar for Mariani Dried Fruit, Premium Cherries.  I’ve tried no sugar added cherries, not my jam.


My understanding of life is that it is balances, informed decisions.  The oatmeal is rich in fiber, which promotes fullness, eases the insulin response, and benefits gut health. It’s also a source of vitamins B and E, and minerals such as magnesium no matter what style of oatmeal.


French toast the way Grandma made it with butter melted on and Cinnamon sugar, that is cake.  Should you never have cake?  No.  Don’t be silly, life without cake – bah.  It is an indolence, decadent.  I am on occasion decadent.


In season, and currently craving avocado.  On toast?  no.  I do this horrid thing of cutting them open , throwing out the pit, pouring no sugar added ketchup on and eating them with a spoon.  That is how my Grandmother ate them.  Evidently, not everything my Grandmother taught me is posh.  I like it that way. 


Avocados are high in fat. But it’s monounsaturated fat, which is a “good” fat that helps lower bad cholesterol, as long as you eat them in moderation.  A serving is 1/3 of an avocado.  I have never eaten one third, I eat the whole fruit, maybe half if I am sharing.  One ounce is 50 calories, therefore, one avocado is 300 – 350 claories.

Avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. So in a 100-gram serving, you get:

485 milligrams of potassium
81 micrograms of folate
0.257 milligrams of vitamin B6
10 milligrams of vitamin C
2.07 milligrams of vitamin E


Both oatmeal and avocados make you feel full and not hungry for longer.  Therefore, if I am portion controlling, watching those calories before a photo shoot, Guess what I am eating?

Just sayin’.  You welcome.  Happy Summer Solstice! 

Loganberry Jam

A Cabaret butter cracker with 100% peanut butter (nothing else) smeared over and a spoonful of loganberry jam is an incredible treat.  I am also indulging in lemon sorbet and mango sorbet.


Waiting for the next Outlander Season, although I have read the books.  I watch Louis and Superman on The CW.  I like Ghosts (comedy, interesting they are doing an American Bob Newhart comedy influenced version of a BBC program), the new Star Trek live action shows (Discovery, Strange New Worlds), Obi-Wan, Gentleman Jack, Halo was incredible, waiting on next Yellowstone Season, loved 1883, Dune, Spiderman No Way Home, Downtown Abby, Amazing Grace, The Swordsman (closed caption – seriously, check out this film), loved the new Ghostbusters movie, and awaiting Top Gun Maverick.


Currently into Garden Spritzer Chandon and my usual full body smooth reds.

Ollie and I at the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club Derby May 28

Oliver  Queen is a good boy and a wonderful pet.  When we took the group shot he trotted over to be included.  He warms my heart.

The Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby

It was my first time at The Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby.  I realized Jack Daniels is made in Tennessee and Woodford Reserve is made in Kentucky.  I learned this event is an all you can eat and drink event.  I learned that getting my seat under an overhang is fortunate on a rainy day.


Friday is the Race Day for the Mares.  You dress in Pink to honor Breast Cancer Awareness.  There is a Kentucky Oaks Breast Cancer Survivors Parade.  There is a group that donates to a Breast Cancer Cause, this year, the money will go toward a breast cancer organization called Twisted Pink.


I nailed the Pink Hat.


The Churchill Downs Museum should not be missed.  It has a great movie included.  If you want the event poster, they have it here.



I dressed roses because my client does not like black.  I would have dressed in Black and White.  Submission shows up in many ways.  He was very happy, and his happiness is important.

I had an amazing time at Churchill Downs.  I was blessed to spend a few more days after walking around Louisville.  I also learned that if you want to go to the Distilleries, you need to add your extra days before the big event, as the town pretty much shuts down.  Still, I toured the Louisville Slugger factory, ate fantastic, and walked all around Old Louisville on a walk about tour.  I highly recommend this.


Wall Mural Up with a little help from my girlfriend

It was actually a client that told me about Wall Murals.  This one came in 4 strips and was a Peel and Stick.  The trick is to match the leaves or whatever details, pencil mark the edges, peel from the top, wipe with a hand towel as you go to remove air bubbles.  This is a two person job if your wall mural is 145″ x 100″


And this makes Images like this Photograph by Perry Gallagher possible


New Jazz Album Review for Narritive Paths Journal


Ornette Coleman “The Shape of Jazz to Come”


Other Reviews:

Miles Davis  “Kind of Blue  

John Coltrane  “A Love Supreme

Herbie Hancock  “Head Hunters

Dave Brubeck Quartet  “Time Out

Charles Mingus  “The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra:  Ellington at Newport

Stan Getz / João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim – Getz / Gilberto

Cannonball Adderley  “Somethin’ Else”

Bill Evans Trio* Featuring Scott La Faro* ‎– Sunday at the Village Vanguard

Charles Mingus  “Mingus Ah- Um

Eric Dolphy  “Out to Lunch

Thoughts on a raining day in Manhattan


I am asked what are my favorite activities, what makes me hot by play partners daily.

For me , while I like certain activities more than others, to do the same thing every day would be boring.  I love exploring the multitudes of kinks and fetishes.  They are all delightful, like standing before the ice cream/gelato counter with over 40 flavors and trying to figure out what two you will try today, it is always mouth watering and tasty when you receive your choices.

Submission is not about the kinks or fetishes or activities.

If all you do are the things you like, that is compliance.  Seize upon the acts that are hard, that challege you, do them with as much passion and committment as you can muster, that is satisfying to a submissive soul.

For me, the most intimate and importance aspects of playing are Trust, Transparency , Communication and emotional responsibility.  That is heady stuff.  It isn’t possible in one session to dive deep, it is a relationship built over time. These are the building blocks of a solid foundation to a healthy relationship that can grow over time.  It is the principles I use with the Ponies I train, the foundation of our relationships. If you are seeking a D/s relationship this foundation is paramount in achieving the power exchange we all crave to develop.  The fetishes and kinks are just the tools that help achieve that exchange.  It is perfectly fine to have a healthy relationship and simply explore kinks and fetishes without a D/s relationhip, by the by.  Just be kinky free spirit you.  

And lastly, a client pays to leave and be emotionally free of me.  We are only engaged in our relationship during the time the client has reserved.  Over a course of years of knowing a client, our relationship deepens naturally.  

Life is what you make of it.  I grow my garden with integrity and positive energy.  I am very thankful and am very blessed.



If you expect to cultivate and push someone’s limits get to know them.
Respect goes a long way.

Top Bottom or sideways?


I am on my way to tour Manhattan and Boston and I am receiving lots of emails negotiating scenes.  This is perfect.

There is always that one that wants to pigeon hole me.  How can I be compatable with them and do XYZTV (this, that, some of  this, a bit of that) if in two hours I will turn around and do something completely different?

This challenges your view of me?. Does this make me less submissive? Does it make me more Domme?

Well… question to you would be, “Less submissive than what, exactly…?” “More Domme that what, do you envision?” Understand, this is neither a race nor a competition, it’s a continuum. There’s no sanctioning body that’s handing out “Domliest Dom” or “Subbiest Sub” certificates. So, please…..don’t compare yourself or me to others. That way lies madness. You are your own unique collection of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires, as am I.  How you exist is what it is and what it isn’t, and this collection of “being” is here, in this moment and then the next, and, over time, this “being” may evolve and change. That opportunity exists for you, also.  What matters is that you accept and understand those desires….and that you understand that they are as valid as anybody else’s.  Please, always Be you, be the authentic You. Be the best version of you. Work toward that goal. Explore. There is no One True Way. Some people are wired to crave and seek total power exchange…others aren’t. Both are equally valid….and so are you!  Some may toss a coin to choose which way is Heads by the hour.  Some may not care.   Some may simply explore a fetish, however that adventure trail in exploration leads.  It is all good.


“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spring Tour:

Washington DC March 14 – 21
Philadelphia March 22 – 26
Manhattan April 4 – 9
Boston April 10 – 15

Some dates are Booked and not available.  Check my website Calendar.  Washington DC and Philadelphia have some availability, check with me. Use the Contact Me form.

Photo by @perrygallagher

“Where should I go? – Alice
“That depends on where you want to end up.” – The Cheshire Cat
Author Lewis Carroll

Spring Tour:

Washington DC March 14 – 21
Philadelphia March 22 – 26
Manhattan April 4 – 9
Boston April 10 – 15

Some dates are Booked and not available.  Check my website Calendar.  Washington DC and Philadelphia have some availability, check with me. Use the Contact Me form.

Photo by @perrygallagher