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Visiting Cities

You are all so sweet, calling, sending emails, sending DM’s in social media, asking me to please return.


Already on the Calendar:

Philadelphia  October 31 to November 2

Boston  November 6 to November 11


This morning I made travel plans.  I will be changing hotel brands.  They are still quality hotels in the areas you are used to seeing me in.


Chicago   March 12 thru the 14th

Philadelphia   March 19 thru the 22nd

Manhattan, NYC   April 15 thru the 18th

Washington DC   April 25 thru the 25th


Make you plans with me as soon as you know your schedule.  I can only take a few hours a day unless they are all with one person.  Thank you for your consideration. 


Slightly High Blood Pressure all Summer…

I eat healthy and I walk 5 miles a day.  So, why has it been something my doctor made me monitor since the end of May?   Because like most folks, worries and anxiety affect my blood pressure.  I quickly learned that taking my blood pressure on a day I was producing an event was stupid.  My blood Pressure was through the roof.  The other reason?  My dog Ollie has had a fatty mass in between his thigh muscles that I noticed last May.  It wasn’t cancerous, but it was growing.  It got so big that he was obviously in pain walking.  

I was able to find a vca hospital that does nothing but surgeries that was able to take care of it September 7.  Fine looking stitches!

I had the fatty mass that was just on the outside of his joint on the other leg removed also.  Mostly, I have been home taking care of Ollie these last two weeks.  The jobs I did take have been excellent and I super appreciate the extended sessions.  Ollie’s stitches get removed tomorrow.


And my blood pressure?  Well, from the time Ollie was released to me after the surgery to when I went back to my Doctor to turn in my blood pressure counter, 10 days, my blood pressure has been perfect.  117 – 120 over 75 – 80 because my dog made it through the surgery and I did not have a sideways day.  I am blessed.


Dragon Con, Atlanta 2023

This was my first visit to Dragon Con in Atlanta.  I had hoped to see my friend Astra there, but she had a work conflict come up and had to cancel.

So off I went to another new convention.  I had bought a Photo Multi Pass with Brian Humphrey.  I think I brought 8 cosplay costumes to have photos taken.  All I had to do was show up and he would take my photo, as many costumes as I wanted.  That was the deal.



There was a cool backdrop to take selfie’s at.



I made it to the Game of Thrones Group shot.  My Melisandre cosplay is excellent.  It was a hand me down from Astra.  I LOVE it!

I extremely loved the over 30 cosplay group and Over 60 Cosplay Group.  I was invited to them by the Coordinator, Jen, who was at a Star Wars Group Shot.

Is cosplay always easy?

I do not sew my own costumes or make them from foam or cardboard or whatever.  I am an excellent buyer.  I do have to modify things that don’t work though.  After San Diego Comic Con it became clear that the pieces I had for Black Widow were old.  I got a new suit with belt and holster.

However, the belt and holster were decorations, not functional.  To hold the baretta’s I had to modify the holster.

Crafting skills, I have!


New York, Thank you!

How May I Serve You? The Pleasure was all Mine.

My tour of Manhattan was fabulous!  Such kinky fun!  It was perfect in every way.  Thank you.

Perhaps, if I can find a lovely place that is more affordable to make my stay even more terrific, I can return.  Fingers crossed.

San Diego Comic Con 2023

For 2023 I had tickets for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  The first thing I did after getting my badge was go over to The Masquerade Booth and charm myself into a ticket.  Attending SD Comic Con was very different for me this year because I had downloaded the app, selected classes and I wanted to see.  I had an itinerary.  I quickly learned that for the popular classes, you did not show up to be in the line to get for that class.  They  did not sweep the rooms after a class finished, so you went to the class before or maybe even two classes before.


There was one class I felt bad for the presenter because his class was before The 100 Anniversary Edgar Rice Burroughs class, and he promoting a new book on the history of Popeye.  He was very encouraged and excited that his class was completely full, as it gave him hope that his project would be a fabulous success.  I do hope that worked out for him. 

I was hardly ever in The Vendor area.  Instead this year, I was cosplaying and attending classes.  I did not buy any stuff.

This was my new Nurse Chapel outfit.  The boots were fabulous.  I wore them all day and my feet were fine.  I loved the uniform.  When I compared it to the uniform under glass at the Strange New Worlds booth, it is an exact copy.  I did find a longer haired wig for Dragon Con.  I have a latex version ordered for this cosplay but it seems the vendor has one catophee after another in her life, so, idk if I will receive it.  I have great fun in the character, it is easy to wear, not too hot.  Definitely a favorite.


Met these fine and dapper chaps walking to The Library.

I had a room at the Airport Motel 6, which is great.  You just take the trolley from it to the Convention Center, 2 or 3 stops depending on what side of the Convention Center you want to go to.  This Comic Con though, there were classes at The Library, the Omni, the Marriot.  In hindsight, I should have taken an uber to the Library for the Over 30 Cosplay.  I ended up changing out of Claire Frazier halfway through the day because my feet hurt being in heels.  I do love this cosplay though.  

The Over 30 Group at The Library  

After the Cosplay Over 30 class and Photo group shot, I took an uber to the Convention Center.  It was very fun to walk around.  I need to figure out better footwear for Claire.


I super love Black Widow cosplay.  So sexy, edgy, and fierce.  The Marvel Group Shot was cool.  I met this Yelena Belova cosplayer there and we did a fun pose.


As I was going back to my hotel to change and go to dinner, I ran into all of these Captain America’s.  Sweet.

Shore-Leave July 7 – 9

This was my first time attending Shore-leave.  It is small, on purpose.  They only sell 2,500 tickets maximum.  Compare this to 70,000 attendees at Dragon Con, it is a much different environment.  It hit my radar because Ben Browder and Claudia Black were the featured guests.  I went to try out some new cosplay, make sure the outfits worked and to fan out:  get photos with and signed. 

The other tidbit is that for me, there is going some place with a purpose, such as going to a city to work.  I am good about that.  Going some place by myself for frivolous reasons, I can get overwhelmed.  idk, I am quirkie?  I was very proud of me. Non-stop flight – check, figured out to take the light rail, found the light rail, then found my hotel.  I looked up some social things, scoured the Vender area, got to my Photo Opportunities, got to the line to have said photos signed, and bonus, I met for coffee or dinner with folks in the area who wanted to be vetted for appointments.  Go me!


This is the cool expression I wanted to project:



I was so freaky frilling happy, I could not keep a solemn face.  My mouth was just smiles ear to ear. I flew in Friday and out Sunday.  Quick but on mark.  I highly recommend this event.  It was perfect in every way.

Visiting Manhattan August 13 to August 18

I had such a great time in Manhattan I decided to return in August.  I am staying at a great location in Midtown East.  Please contact me to arrange a sexy and fun get together.  I love to add some fetish, kink, and/or bdsm play to our experience, you know that!  This could be anything from enjoying latex, stockings, Louboutins, a blindfold, a spanking and body worship.  Delicious!  I look forward to hearing from you!





Custom Packages are available.   I do not visit many cities on my own because it is simply not profitable. You can fly me to you.


What would this involve? 

If my travel time one way is 1.5 hours or less, you guarantee 3 hours work minimum.  If my travel time one way is up to 3 hours, you guarantee 5 hours work.  If my travel time one way is 6 hours, you need to guarantee 8 hours work.

All of my travel expenses must be paid upfront and half of my time paid for.

What are my travel expenses?  Doggie Hotel, Ground Transportation,  Air flight, and Hotel.

My time is $450.00 per hour when I travel.


Economic minded?  Hop a flight and come see me in Los Angeles. 


I look forward to sexy times together. 


An Interview


  1. Why did Miss Ann decide to stick to being a “switch” rather than a full mistress?


My life is a flowing river. Opportunities show up along the journey and I welcome them or I choose not to.  I have consciously explored my submissive side, mastering my submission for over 25 years.  I love serving. My thing is serving.  About twelve years ago a friend had a conversation with me in which he made it clear he desperately wanted me to Top him.  He kept asking.  I decided as a Service I would Top him.  For the last nine years I have continued to explore Service Topping.  I love it, I deeply enjoy giving a menu, they pick the play they want to explore and we do that.  It is all Service.  From the outside watching us play, your perception of what is going on is as different as me Training a Spirit totem Pony vs. a BDSM Pony.  Play is personal.  Being a person who works with body energy, the flow of energy, the connection between two bodies, it is the connection that is important to me.  There are many possibilities on the rubric cube of options that can all be a submissive or a Dominant.  A submissive can be a sadist.  It is an infinite combination.  While Service Topping I might cream my panties in delight for the bits of pain acceptance you are doing so well.  It turns me on to see you obey and serve with excellence.  I also beg to cum while being flogged.  I love all the buffet dishes and I am not denying myself any of their pleasure.  Life is short.  Live Magnificently.





  1. What do you believe the benefits and negatives are of being a professional switch?


I know the skills I know.  I explore and learn new skills as I journey.  There are no wrong paths, only new possibilities.


As a professional I must interview clients and determine their sincerity to play.  Respect, honesty, openness are important.  If you cannot communicate with these foundation blocks (speak on a phone or write) with these qualities it is a red flag that you will not play with these qualities.  It is my job to select appropriate clients for me.


Most importantly, the Service Provider/Client relationship is one I know.  I understand it.  It works for me.  It brings me joy, satisfaction, and I find it rewarding to my spirit.


  1. Describe a session in which Ann could be both submissive and dominant.


I have done half and half sessions.  They last longer in time because you play and then transition.  A favorite is a cosplay scene.  Batman has captured me (Catwoman) and needs to know where the Joker is or what his next move is because we have partnered up.  Play, play, play, and then I maneuver out of my bonds and capture Batman and the real fun begins as I am teasing and torturing him.



  1. What etiquette advice would you give someone who wishes to visit a professional switch?


My advice would be relevant for any professional service provider you visit:  Always be punctual, respectful. Communicate any physical restrictions (your knee hurts, back hurts, etc.) Know your limits, know your strengths.  That should be a mutual given.  Set boundaries and keep them.  Communicate and negotiate your play before you start. Do what works for you, not what works for someone else.




  1. When Miss Anne plays, where does she play? Please describe the space and the equipment.


I play at Mid-City Studios.  It is a good sized room, big enough for me to train Ponies in.  It has lots of full size mirrors.  I always like watching everything going on, including the person’s face while I play.  There are hanging chains to hook a person up to and play all around that person.  There is a queen size bed, chairs, and lots and lots of gear, tools toys to explore with.



  1. How would you describe the BDSM scene in Los Angeles to someone who has never visited?


BDSM is a shorthand for play you see and use every day.  It isn’t anything to be scared or afraid of.  We are simply going to label it correctly and enjoy it.  Someone offers you a job to do, tells you how to do it, gives you a time to do it in and you accept or don’t.  If you accept there are rewards or punishments.  This happens in life every day.  In fact most folks take it for granted and have forgotten to rejoice and celebrate their life.


For me, some of the most rewarding play simply ups the stakes of reward or punishment based on your performance.  You remember to how to have your actions and behavior make a difference because it matters more in that hour or couple of hours you are playing erotic bdsm games.


In Los Angeles you will find a full spectrum of players.  If you have a fetish or kink that is ultimate important to you, find someone who enjoys it too.



  1. What plans does Miss have for the future? (Travel plans, new equipment, new training, new outfit)


My Activity Schedule:

June 1 to June 4     Train ride to and back from the Grand Canyon (ask me about the Steam Train)

In Los Angeles     June 5 to June 12 

June 13 to June 19     Fly Me To You Job

In Los Angeles     June 20 to July 6

July 7 to July 9     Shore-Leave Convention Baltimore

In Los Angeles     July 10 to July 18

July 19 to July 24     San Diego Comic Con

In Los Angeles     July 25 to August 12

August 13 to August 18     Manhattan

In Los Angeles     August 20 to August 29

August 30 to September 4     Dragon Con  Atlanta

In Los Angeles September 6 to September 29

September 30 to October 1     50th High School ReUnion

In Los Angeles October 2 to October 27

October 31 thru November 2 Philadelphia

November 3 to November 5     Rhode Island Comic Con

November 6 thru November 10 Boston

In Los Angeles November 12


I hope to do another photo shoot with Perry Gallagher soon.


  1. Describe the perfect client. He’s cleanliness, etiquette, and how he would treat you.


Over 21 years old.  Respectful.  Short, concise description of fetish, kink, types of play, desires you want to explore. Communicates well. Punctual.  Clean.  Courtesy and charm open many doors.  Knows that relationships, even business relationships are built over time.  Uses Hello, Greetings, and full sentences to introduce themselves, not “Hey.”