Latex care.


How do I care for my latex? Storage, any ways that work better than others? What are some of the best mixes or solutions you find that shines the latex the best?

Because i love wearing latex as a second skin, i love the yummy-sensual way i feel in latex, i love being dressed in latex by a man and i love that smile He wears when He sees me in latex. For all you latex fetish fans:

i wash my latex by hand. i set it out on a counter that i have covered in lint free towels and i wash it with a mild soap using a sponge. Then i rinse it well and dry it with a lint free towel. i use Irish linen towels.

i have heard of people putting their latex in a pillow case and using the gentle cycle on a washing machine with gentle hand wash machine soap. There were accolades of it being the cleanest their rubber has ever been.

Storage, any ways that work better than others?

My corsets, leggings, thongs are bagged in heavy plastic and placed flat in a drawer. My dresses are hung on plastic hanger and covered with a heavy plastic covering.

My latex clothes are from simon-O, westward bound, demask, and syren. They aren’t cheap and most are gifts – making them irreplaceable to me. These clothes are custom made for me. i’ve talked with the makers of these latex outfits regarding care and wearing. This is what i was told accross the board:

Use powder on your body under the latex clothing. If you use a silicone lube, it will gunk up and the silicone (being a large molecule) will push/work itself into your latex clothes seams as you move and tear the seams apart eventually. This is very bad.

For shine over the clothes, a silicone lube. Use Wet platinum body glide at $17.50 for 8.9 oz.. This isn’t your inner membranes needing a high quality lube you can heat up. There is no reason to spend $45 for the 8.9 oz of Eros. The silicone lube is just going to get rubbed off on everything and everybody you touch and you will just want to apply more.

Use that Eros lube on your inner membranes where you will get your moneys worth from it. ;-D