The Tales of Captain Hook: The Very First Time

“The Very First Time ~ Captain Hook”

Sitting, waiting. my hands are holding the sides of the chair, my ankles are crossed under it and my palms are sweating as i wait for Him. i can’t remember my palms ever being sweaty before. There is nothing in my life that has brought on this reaction, not even performing at Carnegie Hall. This man does the strangest things to me. and, yes, in *so* many ways.

We started talking during the summer. It was so casual and yet not at the same time. i always feel Him towering over me, looking down on me with those blue eyes. Gentle, stoic they are, the gateway to a heart that passionately feels altogether too much pain. Those eyes that see the secrets of my soul.

“Trust me. Tell me.”

“Would you understand if i said i miss Him, i miss my Master?”

“I know. I have always known.”

When i walk into a club and he greets me, “Hello, beautiful.” the sound melts through me. i could stand in that moment forever. Those forbidden lips i should not want to bargin with the Goddess to kiss. and, yes, i do. oh, yes, i do want them.

The whisper in my ear in the fall, “Do you want Me to show you My dark secret world? Do you want to be Mine and explore this dark place I know and be all you can be with me as much as we can?”

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