Expanding Limits


What a performance on web cam.  I could do with your help to make my partner do the tricks you can.  I would like her to be able to stick the dildo in her ass with no problem the way you do, drink piss, fuck herself with 2 dildo’s. I would love to do and see my partner do all of these acts but I need to break her in slowly. Any help would be fantastic.  I have wanted to do all of those things to her but she thinks they are not right. What can I do to make her see straight? help me pls xx


Expanding Limits is a process, a journey taken over time.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Patience is a virtue in the bdsm partnership.

i would hope your relationship with your partner is built on a Master/submissive foundation.  i would hope that there is honesty, excellent-open-communication and trust.  In this type of relationship, limits can be expanded.

i didn’t always drink pee, not my own, let alone Masters. The first person to pee on me was my first Master.  He simply told me to go sit in the shower and i obeyed.  i was horrified yet deeping moved as the experience took place.  i think it is key to be able to communicate with your submissive that experiences include the “Oh my fucking God” and “this is unique for us to share”aspects.  Ultimately, your submissive is there to please you, obey you, explore with you.  That is why you are in a bdsm relationship together. Being marked this way by Master is very hot and erotic, part of the experience is being willing to be Master’s dirty-nasty-piss-whore.  Not everyone gives that much to their partner, that is what makes it so intimate and special to share together and it is not harmful to either person as long as each person is healthy.

i was given a homework assignment by Master on the subject of “Piss Drinking”.   i googled and read the facts, considered the information and wrote an essay.  It gave me hands on time to evaluate my feelings, considerations and motives regarding my limits on pee drinking.  Research expanded my view.  i don’ t drink just anyone’s piss, i drink mine and Masters.  i am pissed on by those Master says.

Watching porn with your partner can expand ideas on what is erotic and what one is willing to try.  Talk about what you are watching and what you think about what you are watching and how it turns you on together.

Expanding holes just takes time, perfect practice and lots-lots-lots of lube.  Get a good lube.  i recommend eros.  For anal, start with a small vibrator on the opening. When that feels good and you are comfortable, push in slightly.  When you are comfortable with a small vibrator going in, try wearing an anal plug and expanding the time you can wear the plug.  Then get a bigger vibrator and plug.  You get the idea.

Be safe.
Have fun!