your sub Toy Bag


My Dom instructed me to put together a toy bag for myself. What should I include in it?



i’m of the view point that i belong to Master and i am His most valuable toy. Therefore what I have in my sub Toy Bag is…

For safety and hygiene:

i think having your own insertables is a must.

Dildos, vibrators, eggs, smart balls, benwa balls, double dong, all your toys for cunt and ass.

i wash mine in an antibacterial soap and rinse with mouthwash and let them dry. Then i wrap them separately in saran wrap. Not only is the mouthwash an extra bacteria killer, when your Dom shoves it down your throat it tastes good.

Tip: a mouthwash douche is a good refreshing surprise also.


I have nylon and hemp rope in my bag. It is used for my crotch harness. You don’t know where the rope in your partner’s bag has been or when it has been washed last.

Cane, Crop, Floggers, Clothespins, 9-volt battery, Stun Gun

These items are used in my private parts. i throw clothespins out after use unless they are the rubber tipped ones I wash and repack.

Restraints and blindfold

i am petite. The regular sized items are too big for me, so i have custom made items in my bag.

Ball Gag and Ring Gag

These go in my mouth; therefore, I prefer to know whose mouth they were in. I prefer only mine because of cold sores or other mouth related transfers.

I also have

my favorite brand of Lube (giant bottle)

hair grooming tools
antiseptic (such as bactine)
alcohol and roll of paper towels to wash furniture off (before and after)
wet wipes
nail clippers

gallon size zip lock bags for used toys to be placed in

in my toy bag

It is my point of view that the Dom is not solely responsible for stocking the toybag. This is a shared activity, and there isn’t any good reason for me not to contribute. Selecting toys i like gives my play partner a good idea of where to start with me. It also insures the quality of toys that are used on me.

Fun Toys:

i have various nipple clamps, handcuffs, silk scarves, weights for the nipple/clit clamps and a dressage whip in my toy bag.

When i’m off to a bdsm play party or playing casually, having my own toy bag ensures there’s a good selection of Instruments of Doom available to use on my eager hide.

When asked to play with a partner, I would present and offer everything in my toy bag to my partner. i would ask that personal items be taken from my bag to be played with on me, if He choses to play with this type of toy. Fun toys, I would offer them but not ask they be used on me nor would i say how they were to be used.

Be safe. Have fun!