On tour, loving the North East Passage: Washington, DC and Baltimore

This tour started with a bang and I am very grateful.

Monday, June 11, I checked into The Churchill. It is a historical hotel that sits opposite the famous Hilton in DuPont Circle that President Reagan was shot at. I was given an end room, very large and fitted for a handicapped person, which means the bathroom is incredible. Handicapped designed bathrooms have an extra large shower with a wall shower head, a hand held shower head, and a bench seat chair. This is a wonderful set-up for Water sports. Just sayin’.

The most delightful find I made was that afternoon. I googled for a health store to find there was one only four blocks away. Yes, Organic Market 1825 Columbia Road NW. It is small, yet stuffed to the brim. I was able to fill my shipping bag with goodies for breakfast and lunch, making eating between work easy and healthy. Go me.

Thursday, I moved over to The Dupont Circle Hotel. It was a 180 degree turn to very updated, very modern decor. This hotel is filled with the bustle of young people and men in suits. The bar is always full. It is a delightful place right on the Circle.

Saturday, I was off to Baltimore. My reservation was at the Hilton by the Convention Center. Saturday had a lot of street traffic to the Inner Harbor. I got a breast piece at Royal Market. Now that was excellent chicken. Totally recommend. A real treat was a brass jazz band playing on the corner. I copped myself a squat, ate my chicken, enjoyed the cool breeze and shade under a tree and listened to the music. I put a few dollars in the open drum bag when my lunch was done. I also picked up soy milk at the CVS Store to compliment the LaVazza coffee in my hotel room. yum, yum, yum.

A great start to my three week tour up the NorthEast Passage. (: