Delicious time in Manhattan, heading home to LA today.

I seem to drop off the social network when I visit Manhattan. That is because I am busy working, which is a good thing. 😉

The outstanding new role play scenario this week was

I am walking in to audition for a BDSM web site. It is a very popular site and they have many submissive’s who want to be on it. They have audition scenes to pick out the best players. My client was the person auditioning me.

The scene still allows the client to be outside of themselves, yet we get to get down to our kink play and toss it up with a lot of variety and stay in scene.


They other aspect I like about Manhattan is that the clients I see want to explore, always have a couple items on there list they have never done before. I am honored and pleased to pop those cherries. 😉

I love my job!

I love my life!