BurningMan and being part of The Pony Express

Burning Man was Mad-Max meets Dune meets The Smokers of WaterWorld and exploring each camp is like dropping into a REAL second life.

Being self-reliant is crucial in the Playa.


I rented an RV. I used Cruise America.

A rest stop.

I bought a bike at a yard sale. I bought a headlamp and lighted tail lamp for it. If you want to go farther out and around on the playa and faster then walking, unless you have an Art car, you bike.


Dessert Boots: Danner Desert TFX Rough Out HOT 8″


You may also want a very comfy, alternative shoe to wear. I will be looking for an inexpensive shoe that meets this need this year.

2.5 x the days you will be there pairs socks- YOU need lots of fresh socks

(these were perfect with my Dessert Boots)


For the hot burning sun:

gloves, long sleeve cotton shirts with uv protection, hat, face mask, scarves

daytime gloves http://www.coolibar.com/07002.html

daytime scarves: http://www.coolibar.com/07017w.html

sun hat: http://www.coolibar.com/product/Sun-Hats/Floppy/Sedona-Hat/pc/2222/sc/2196/155428.uts

here is another sun hat link: http://www.sungrubbies.com/product_index_html/Sunhats3sunprotectionhats.htm

Long sleeve top: http://www.coolibar.com/product/Women/Tops-Tees-Polos/T-Shirts-Knit-Tops/ZnO-Long-sleeve-T-Shirt/pc/2240/c/2241/sc/2242/155345.uts

face mask: http://www.sunprecautions.com/product/32800

For the cold nights:

thermal top (I have some from Eddie Bauer that I wear on cold days)

cold weather pants

winter jacket (really)

I have in my closet and drawers cold weather clothes I used. They are also suitable for hiking/camping.

Crossing Donner Pass

About to loose signal with the world and going off grid.

At BurningMan:

I was up at 5 am making coffee, and turning into a Pony.

I was an Appaloosa Pony. I wore my brown catsuit that I had painted. I had made a bridle out of heavy ribbed red ribbon. I used an old pair of leather reins. My tail was made from heavy brown yarn. I wore my socks and Dessert Boots.

I loved being a Pony. I loved delivering mail and investigating the streets of Burningman in the morning. I was ready to roll out between 6:30 am and 7 am. I stop for bacon as a Pony. I smell it, seek it, love it when I am a Pony.

When the mail was done, I cleaned up. I wiped the RV down of the days dust. I Put on my sun stuff and went to explore the art projects. Loved the wharf and sunken’ Pirate ship. Loved the Temple. Loved the small burn Art and burning Man. Loved MadMax Dome.

The Burning Man night is a big fire dance party. Very uplifting.

The burning of the Temple is very spiritual.

It was very balancing for me to be a Pony day after day after so many months of training Ponies.

I truly felt privileged to know the people of Pony Express Camp. It was special being there.

Yes, I was covered up, protected from the elements most of the time. Moisture chap stick is your friend on the playa. I returned from BurningMan with my hair in good condition, no sunburn, no windburn nor any dry skin. I was able to do a photo shoot nude 2 days after my return to Los Angeles.

I want to go back. I want to build on this experience.

Early in the morning, leaving on Monday, coming back on grid