How I do Folsom Street Faire Weekend

I have been attending and participating in the San Francisco Folsom Street Faire since 2007

Photo by Erin Lubin for The Chronicle

The last few years my participation has evolved to new levels that I truly love and cherish. I stay at America’s Best Value Inn because the hotel is right in the heart of Folsom Street Fair, making returning to my room for costume changes easy, a short amount of time to do so and painless. Plus, they know me, it is always great to return to a place that knows who you are and welcomes you.

The weekend includes going to the Northern CA Renaissance Fair to see Brenda the Braider and have my long hair piled up on my head in braids. She is a wizard, an artist, simply incredible at braiding hair.

The LA Pony and Critter Club has a booth at 10th Street and Folsom Street, which is where the Animal Cavalcade starts from at 11 am. We do two parades during the fair.

Claire Adams and Beauty at Folsom Faire 2012

Claire Adams and Beauty at Folsom Faire 2012

Claire Adams and Beauty at Folsom Faire 2012

The LA Pony and Critter Club Booth is evolving too. In 2012 we (Tindala and I) gave cart rides from 1 PM to 3 :30 PM in a loop on 10th Street behind the tent. Next year we hope to have photos for sale, dressage books for sale and give cart rides in shifts with other Ponies and Trainers. We are on the track of “better” where there is in finish line. 😉