Philadelphia October 8 – 14

Philly is always a favorite stop on my tour because one of my best friends moved here from LA and I have a new friend of going on three years now here in Philly, both of whom I look forward to visiting with during my stay.

Philly is also where I take a morning to do laundry.

I am a real person, I do laundry =P

One of my favorite restaurants while working in Philadelphia is Mixto Cafe. It is a Cuban restaurant just around the corner from my hotel.

Maduro Relleno $7 at Mixto Cafe

Another favorite is the Garces Trading Company a few blocks away:

Moules Frites blue hill bay mussels, allagash-saffron broth, duck fat fries $12 at Garces Trading Company

The Spaniard grilled chicken, romesco aioli, applewood smoked bacon, marinated tomato $10 at The Garces Trading Company

and over one of these fine meals, I was with one of my best friends, Astra. Her brother went to BurningMan this last August. He had lots of positive stories to tell her and Astra is wanting to go herself. She will be taking my reins, delivery mail each morning as part of the BurningMan Pony Express. I am beyond thrilled.