Chicago November 12 – 15

I stayed at the Hotel Felix again. I like it, despite the lack of a real closet. they had some new art outside:

The dog on a leash is an addition to the Blue Robotman that was there the last time I stayed here.

I love the different architecture thrown together in Chicago. Here is a capture walking back to my hotel one evening:

During my stay in Chicago I read “Memoirs of a buccaneer”

This is a fabulous read. It really doesn’t matter if it is true, or made up, it isn’t a wank porn book about being a pirate, yet it isn’t the Disney version either, just enough to give color and reality and a good look at what it was truly like for the leading character.

I had the good fortune to read this book at the Starbuck’s closest to the hotel during the mornings. I met a fascinating woman, Michelle, whom I talked with and greatly enjoyed her company. She invited me to dinner, one that she made at her home on my final evening in town. I was blessed to have accepted. My night included a delicious meal and hours of conversation with her, her husband and her sister-in-law. It was a fabulous evening. I hope to see her again when I return to Chicago.