Brimstone, Asbury Park November 22 – 26

This is my second year at Brimstone. Love, LOVE, LOVE it!


this is where I see PonyBixy and DebbieDancer and I train these two beautiful Ponies.

We all met up at the Thanksgiving Feast, and I have to say, it was brilliant. We enjoyed an excellent dinner of turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes and vegetables. It was fabulous to be in the company of PonyBixy and her fiancee, DebbieDancer and the others at our table.

The official opening of Brimstone is at Noon on Friday. I had the ponies up at 9:30 am to do gaits for an hour. My first class was 3 PM, BDSM Pony Play (or rainy day Pony Play, as I like to call it). PonyBixy was my demo Pony. We explored bondage, veterinary play, accepting a butt plug horse tail while receiving forced pleasure and being tied down, it was an extreme class for me, and PonyBixy truly gave to me and I went away with an incredible trainer high that lasted all weekend.

The next day was more gaits practice in the morning, grooming class and pony training techniques. I loved the Pony workshop time to train PonyBixy and DebbieDancer for their Pony show performance. At 11 am on Sunday was a class on “why bio Ponies do what they do” by Andalusia. Just me and Artemis Pony and Andalusia for an insightful and learning class for me. Huzzah!

The Pony show was great fun. DebbieDancer won “Most Improved Pony” and PonyBixy won “Grand Championship”. I am so proud of both of them.

We all went for a fabulous cart ride on the boardwalk after the Pony Show. We got PonyBixy’s fiancee to take her reins driving the cart. I think that is all it took to hook him on why this Pony Play stuff is so much fun.

because it is, you know, just sayin’ ;-D