Las Vegas January 7 – 12

I was in Vegas during the computer conference.  I have learned that my clients are there during this time, as I was requested by some to be there.


The most unusual session and request was…..



wait for it…..


drum roll…..



Playing my flute in public with my client playing the piano accompaniment.    There happens to be a piano on the Business Meeting Rooms level of the Flamingo Hotel.  Who knew?  I had one month to get music and practice some pieces to be played.  I haven’t played my flute in years.  I played professionally until I was 27 years old.  I played in a community orchestra and other community level organizations for another 5 years.  I take my flute out very, very occasionally and play for myself now.  When one, such as I, knows how I sound if I practiced 8 hours a day like I did when it was my job, it is humbling to hear me play.  I enjoy and am grateful that I am talented in music, I have an ear for music – the phrasing, the shaping of a melodic line, I have rhythm and muscle memory of playing that does not ever abandon me.  Still, when people passed by and gathered, stopping to listen and clapping, I was embarrassed.  I am not often truly embarrassed.  I did not let it stop me from continuing to play my flute.  At the end, the mouth hurt, my tongue hurt, my fingers hurt, the next day my core hurt from using muscles I have not used for a long long time. However,  I did love the experience so.  It was an excellent time.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


Thank YOU.  I love my life.