Kansas City February 8 – 11

There is an incredible Market downtown in Kansas City.  Love, love, LOVE it. Cosentino’s Market.  If you are in Kansas City downtown, go in here for a snack, your refreshments, a fresh cooked meal for market prices on healthy stuff.  I get tired of paying an extra 30 – 50% for the convenience of a little market offering what I need to make a healthy choice beverage.


There are two incredible architectural hotels downtown, Hotel Phillips and The Hilton President Hotel.   They have the most beautiful stair work, railings, rooms.  There is something about the craftsmanship I find marvelous and appealing.  The rooms themselves can be a bit odd, depending on whether you are in a suite or a regular room.  Given the age of the hotels, most of  the rooms were designed for a single traveling man and only large enough for his trunk and a small bed.  A modern room, and being  a historical hotel, they have to show where the rooms originally were, is actually 2.5 rooms.  One room now being for the second bed or living space with chairs, desk, one room for a double bed, and a bathroom.  Originally, each floor had one bathroom all the men shared.  How times and the sense of proper space changes.


Hotel Phillips Lobby