Chicago February 12 – 16

I had a great week in Chicago, a full week of work, which I really appreciate.  I was at the Hotel Felix, a renovated former flop house.  It has this quirk of being very modern with a pole that is about 12 inches long for a closet with a curtain hung to hide the clothes you hang on this pole.  Think of the pole as a long hook.  I’ve had smaller rooms, but I’ve had much larger ones too.  It is a four star rated hotel.


So, let’s talk reviews.  Yes, you gentlemen get to review me on, most likely other places too.


Am I on time?  Am I ready and all put together for you? OR  Are you 20 minutes early and I explain I am not quite put together but I will let you up to my room and we can chat while I finish. Did I wear what you requested me to wear?  Do I have out all the toys you need that were on my list?

Have you made a list of what you want to explore?  This should be a guideline, because if you have a detail blow by blow scene in your head, I need to know my part, so I can perform my part.  I don’t read minds.  I obey.  Totally different.  I am a submissive for hire.  I am not your personal pet that only has your marks on her.  Sometimes I accept hardcore sessions that leave me bruised and marked up.  If that is a problem for you, ask me when you make the appointment if I will have any marks.  I have no hard feelings, it isn’t a problem if you need to wait until I am a bit fresher canvas for you.  I can never guarantee an absolute clean canvas.  I can tell you if the week before I did a two hour caning session and my ass is beat up.  If I have a bruise just on the top of my ass, feel free to play all around it.  If you continuously hit the bruised bit, I most likely cannot take a lot of punishment there.  It is a damaged area.  That is why there is a bruise.  Some people like hitting bruises (sadists).  I know.  All I ask is that when I feel I am reaching my limit and call yellow you either move on or ask me to take one more and then move on.


Are we on the same page so far?


So, no whining that I am bruised in your review.  Be responsible for your needs up front.   Spank or with a whappie toy hit around the bruise or be prepared that on the bruise I will reach my limit faster than an area of skin that is undamaged.


Ass Play and penetration requires a hard object and lots of LUBE.  If you have a soft penis toy it is almost impossible to insert it into my ass or anyone’s ass for that matter, no matter how much lube you use.  Use a hard penis toy and LUBE.  If you are turned off by a bruise on my ass,  and all you have is a soft toy and your requirement is Ass Play, I will do my best to serve you.  If you whine in your review that you didn’t get to do ass play and you expect more from me, although you reached satisfaction 3 (yes, THREE) times in your session, and you are not under 30, and I fulfilled all of your other requests, I will not accept another session with you.  Just saying, be real, I gave it my best and you are just a whiner.  I do not accept sessions with parameters that I cannot win, and then you are unhappy with me.


You want to make up a game I cannot win at, make me play, I fail and you are satisfied – game on.  That is totally different.


Generally speaking, I appreciate all of you gentlemen.  I have the privilege to know outstanding kinksters.  Sometimes, I have the most fascinating of conversations.  Even the day of the session in which I got told I was “nice” on TER, I ended the day feeling that it was a great day.  If I play with a partner and see that we explored, we tried this and that, there was great energy, it was a fun and satisfying time, I think that is a winner day.  I love my life.