Indianapolis February 17 – 21

This was my first time at the Omni Severin Hotel.  I think I will just book directly into this hotel from now on.  I loved it here.


Even when the cab driver at the Amtrak station walked me to the street sidewalk, pointed 1.5 blocked away and told me, that was my hotel and I could walk there with all of my luggage at midnight.  Welcome to Indianapolis.  Real people live here.  It was brisk and cold, but I had my heavy winter lambskin coat and cashmere scarf.  Once I got over the shock that I was told to walk, it was not that bad, not that far.


I am a club member at Omni Hotels, so they bring me coffee with soy milk every morning to my hotel room. Swoon.


I had rockin’ sessions in Indianapolis.


One of my Ponies, Ginger, lives in Indianapolis.  We ponied on the Mezzanine every day.  So fun.  She had practiced since I last saw her.   She was so good.  I can’t wait to see her again.


And now I am meeting some very fine gentleman in Indianapolis to play with too.  Total awesome fabulousa.


I love my life.