The Muir Woods with my brother

My brother called in the beginning of my February tour to tell me he had taken the third week of the month off and wanted to get together.  My brother and I have just found each other for a year and eight months now.  He is a challenged person, functional in society and lives with a guardian couple and three other people such as himself.  I explained that my life is a bit more planned out than his but I could make Thursday to Sunday morning work.  This would be the first time since we found each other that I have spent time with Mark for longer than a day trip.


It was a very successful trip.  I learned more about my brothers job, his trials in getting along with co-workers, his house situation, how well he is looked after, who cares about him truly and what my brother likes.  He loves coffee as much as I do.  I shall be following up that his hernia  is operated on, his feet and toe nails fixed and cared for, and that there is no bullying at work.  My brother is not a saint and there are people who are paid by the government to look after him, to make sure he does groom himself, even if he would rather play video games.  I grew up with him.  I know how difficult he can be sometimes, but he has a good heart and with strong, firm guidance, he does obey. Trust me, I know this.


I look forward to knowing him better, and supporting the people who signed up as a job in taking care of him.  He has a family member to check up on him now.  He is not alone in the world.


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