Boston April 8 – 14

I have a regular hotel I stay at in Boston, the Omni Parker House.  I like it.  I like the delivery of Coffee with Soy milk to my room as a premium club member.  I order the grapefruit juice to drink later in the day as my second choice drink.


Last summer while at The Drake in Toronto, I discovered Vigiiant Eats  which I pack in my carry-on and enjoy for breakfast.


I return to Boston to see all the wonderful gentlemen I have the pleasure of knowing.  I have been visiting Boston about 3 – 4 times a year now for four years.  It is exciting for me to be able to build on our experiences and be comfortable, as these are gents I know, I trust and I know I am safe playing with them.  It allows for deeper exploration.  I appreciate that.


Sunday, I walked down the  street the Marathon will be raced on.  It is lined with upscale little shops, some chains, some boutiques.  I liked The Fairy Shop.  It was filled with fairies,  miniature hobbit homes, unicorns, a palifera of fantasy stuff.



The Fairy Shop

The Fairy Shop




I love my life.