Went to the Meet & Greet last night at DomConLA.  I was sitting at the Lounge enjoying my *one allowed * Lemon Drop, when I heard the lovely Lady next to me telling her friend about a client that called yesterday afternoon.  The word “Doctor” was the flag that caught my ears.  He had called back to leave a threatening message after she refused to drive to Anaheim to meet him for a session without some payment upfront since she did not know him.  I asked her if this was yesterday afternoon?  “Yes” was the reply.  “Was it a 714 number?”  “Yes.” was the answer.  We shot out our phones and compared.  He had called me 5 minutes after leaving his Voice Message.  Same Spiel.  I will filling out a form on this morning.

It is a small world.


For the Providers:

This man says he is a Doctor.  He has 24 hours free and wants to spend 12 of them overnight with the provider.  He offers more than your published rate.  He does not offer references nor will pay a deposit.  He wants you to dress in all leather with leather gloves on a day that is 102 degrees.  He might change this story but he is simply stringing you on the phone wasting your time, trying to find a point at which either you say yes and drive to a non-existent client or he prefers to get you to the point of saying “Goodbye”.  His fetish is dominating you by the mere fact that you must answer your phone to do business and then wasting your time.

For the Gents:

This type of man is why we don’t answer “Private Numbers”, we like to get to the point of your call and not chat about this and that.  We ask if you are a member of a screening service web site, such as date-check or preferred 411.  We ask for a deposit if we have never met you before.


I love my life and I love my job.  One bad apple does ruin it.  I do find it interesting that Ms Chaps and I sat next to each other the next night.  I was able to assure her she is not alone in having some jerk harass her.  We toasted all our fabulous clients and how much we appreciate them.