On Liking to Wear Great Clothes

I read a post by someone and feel the need to expound on this subject.

Mistress Lilianne and I have talked about our “liking” of great clothes.

Both of us had less as children and made promises to ourselves that when we were responsible for ourselves we would look the way we feel about ourselves.

Thus the clothes and care in putting them together. The grooming (hair, nails, body) care, the clothes, it represents to us loving ourselves. It is a ritual of care and love we give ourselves because at a point in time as young children we were needy for that, and we promised ourselves that we would not be needy when we had control of that part of our lives.

Great looking clothes don’t always mean we spent a lot of money. We both are blessed to receive gifts from people that want to show they care. That we care for ourselves and love ourselves is an inner light that people see more than the clothes. It makes the clothes look better. The same outfit on another person would not look the same if they did not feel as yummy about themselves in a very important, balanced, self-confident, secure way.

Judging. It swings in all ways.

Judging a person as shallow because they look good/chic and not bothering to see what substance they are as a person inside is still as prejudiced as dismissing a person who is neat/clean but not wearing designer clothes.

I am guilty of giving money to homeless people, down on their circumstances people that I notice are bathed and as clean as they can be. I figure they found some way to care for themselves at the salvation army or ymca or something. I have few times run into these people later, and they have some job. People that care for themselves will better their circumstances. It is a natural progression.

I understand the point of someone making a big to do about how nice their clothes are, being a pompous ass, yes, who wants to be around a person like that – but a pompous ass with misplaced values on having “things” rather than placing value on how he can make a difference is a whole other bad smelling dish than someone that always looks good.

Well put together people ROCK, on many levels.