Washington DC May 29 – June 3

This was my first time at The Hilton in Dupont Circle.  Yes, I checked out the “private” passenger loading possible on the lower level.  The car drives in, the two doors go down – in front and in back of the car, the passenger loads in, the door in front of the car open sand the car drives away.  There was a lot of thought and money that went into making VIP feel safer.


I loved my room with a view over the front circle driveway.  I’ve had rooms that were more spacious but Hilton is always to be counted on to have a good room with plenty of space around the beds, nice linens and amenities, and a clean hotel.  I didn’t feel crowded in my room.


This week brought me many different types of play (Sensual domination, Teacher/schoolgirl roleplay, exploring the D/s dynamic, Body worship, Mrs. Robinson roleplay, and Service Topping come to mind).  I love the variety, continued explorations with repeat clients and fun times together.


I found a new market in Dupont Circle, Glen’s Garden Market.  Easy couple of blocks to buy soy milk, get a latte, fresh deli foods.  So great to find because then I am not eating in restaurants and dining on sugar, fat and salt.  I’ll stick with Caffeine and soy, finding some grilled veggies, fresh fruit and protein.