Home in LA June 24 – 27

I like that my human Pony, Speckles, gives me a text wanting to practice our Pony Play together.  It makes me feel good to be wanted.  It reinforces that he likes our play as much as I do.  Up early, the morning in LA smells great.  We practice at Kenneth Hahn Park.  Love that park, so many different areas in one park, and it is huge, right in the middle of LA.  They keep it in good repair and pretty clean for being popularly used during the day and weekends.  At 7:30 am, it is pretty empty, which is why we are there at that time.  Our practices are just as much for me to get back into being ablt to rein and cue well, as for Speckles to move correctly.  He is a dear Pony to me.