The San Francisco Pride Parade

I drove up to San Francisco on Friday to visit my brother, Mark, for a couple days before the parade.  It is always good to connect with family.


The Pride Parade this year was awesome.  I stayed at the Carriage Inn which is one block from the end of the parade.  That means you have to walk to the front of the parade with your cart early in the morning, as 9 am is roll call.  It is an early to get there and then stand & wait kinda thing.  Fortunately, I am standing and waiting surrounded by Pups and Ponies.  so terrific to whinny and nuzzle my way through everyone.  I was assigned to pull a Leather Daddy who had his Pups on leash.   They were wonderful.  I loved the whole parade, trotting around, being a Pony, speedy towards fabulousity.


We celebrated with Indian food and coffee.  Huzzah!


Photo by Daniel



Photo by Scott



Photo by Coplan Mark