Minneapolis July 15 – 18

This was a stellar week.  Two outstanding scenes:


Watersports.  I know, but I *like* it.  Having to drink lots and lots of water before a session, praying that yes, he will show up on time.  Add in that this hotel had an additional lobby on a skyway entrance level, which was nice to meet clients on.  Every other day, this lobby was vacant, ziltch/nada/zero people in sight.  This morning dressed in a red fish net body suit covered with a rubber dress, it was filled with convention people I calmly walked through, met my new friend and walked back through to the elevator.  This type of experience is exactly why I laugh when people ask if I want to do humiliation play.  My real life includes humiliation play done so well, it would be hard to top that.


So, back at the room, the gentleman is kind and we start immediately.  Strip and into the bathroom built for Water Sports.   I get to stand on the sides of this ever so groovy tub and relieve all that water and then trade places.

Towel off, and into the room for some exploration and sensual D/s.


Tres Cool.  Loved it.


The second scene:


I met the gentleman at the bar.  It was a blind date role play.  I was taken back to see he had this Nikolaj Coster-Waldau look going on.  Whew.  Hot! My-my.  Dating is challenging. You have to dress inviting but not too.  You have to converse, intelligently over a drink that doesn’t make you drunk and sloppy, well, not me, I don’t do sloppy drunk.  It isn’t the image I want to leave someone with.  I like to *be* with my partner, not my drink.  And then because my pussy is all wet with interest in the gentleman due to his conversation, we go to my room and play.

I’d rinse/repeat anyday.  (:


I love my Life.  truly, truly, I do.  Thank you.  I am so blessed so spend time with all of you.