Atlanta July 22 – 26

I loved my Atlanta trip!


It has been a few years since I have been here.  the people are polite, well mannered and friendly.  I loved being in Buckhead.  The area worked for me and it was easy parking for clients at the mall.  The JW Marriott is adjacent to Lenox Square Mall with a walkway connecting it.


I really like that gentleman came to explore and play.  Some brought *their* toys to inspect and approve.  I was challenged, yet everyone played within my limits.  That was so wonderful.  There were no easy sessions, I got to explore different types of play, I got taken to asking for mercy within my limits of Easy play in the areas of  Water Sports, Clothespin games, Bondage, Percussion Play, Pussy torture, Breast Play and Corset Training.


I LOVED Atlanta.