Chicago August 7 – 12

Because I was in Chicago Wednesday through Monday, I moved around a bit this time.  I loved each place.  Every 4 star hotel is different, with its own plus column.  It must be spacious, clean, and have an atmosphere of “nice”.  Not one of the hotels failed.  Going from a very modern boutique to a old school classic to a Sheraton was illuminating though.  As nice as a Sheraton is, the building, the decor scream factory cut out.  It just isn’t elegant nor charming.  It isn’t quirky, nor innovative.


I like individualistic.  I like peoples quirks.  I like to see the choices people make on casual Friday and wear your Hat day.


I do like balance though.  I’m not into chaos.  I’m big on manners, respect, engaging conversation.  I like clean, not smelling in a bad way.


Cookie cutter creations are nice when you want a functional flashlight.  Still, I think the bendable leg tripod one I have for camping is my personal favorite.