In Case of Emergency

‘In Case of Emergency’


Do you have ICE in your phone?

It stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’ and you put it before the name of your emergency contact people in your phone.

For example – if something goes wrong, and you want the hospital, paramedics, neighbor, that poor stranger that has stopped to assist you, whomever to call someone specific, you put something in your phone like this:

ICE – Daughter – Amelia and their number.

Please note, it is important to have ICE – (PERSON’s NAME) – (RELATIONSHIP). The name is very important. If you have ICE – Daughter that doesn’t help the people trying to connect with your emergency contact(s).

“Hi Daughter, I’m a paramedic and I need to speak with you about someone here with me. She is a petite woman in her mid 50’s with long blonde hair, green eyes. Do you know her?”

This is not helpful folks. LOL

That way, the person/people you need contacted can BE contacted and the emergency people know WHO this is and can give them your location or whatever.

Also, if the ICE number is the only version of that person’s phone number your phone will allow you to program, it takes a little getting used to when you type their name to find them in your contacts list. The way around that is to make sure your ICE contacts are also programmed into your speed dial.

So please, if you haven’t already, go put in an ICE or two in your contact lists – it will bring peace of mind to those that love you AND to you!

: )