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The Marketplace – Laura Antoniou excerpt


“A true slave, one who will be cherished and valued, will never allow their skills and talents to become stagnant. They will never be satisfied with their level of competence. And they will always be willing to follow their owner’s lead, quickly, respectfully, and to the best of their ability.

To be thrilled at the touch of leather, aroused by the sound of harsh words, or satisfied by the security of rigid bondage is the mark of a lover.

To be thrilled at the opportunity to provide useful service, aroused by a pleased nod, or satisfied by the proverbial jon well done, is the mark of a slave.

It may sound severe. Almost anti-erotic. Until you see two people, owner and owned, existing in a complementary relationship where each suits the other like balances on a delicate scale. Until you feel the energy of their rapport, you cannot understand how they fulfill each other, take and give in ways no negotiation could possibly express.

Then you will understand the singular intimacy which drives such people on their search for perfection. It is beyond orgasm. Beyond love. It can almost be called rapture.

To acheive that level may require many years of training. But in the end, there is nothing which compares to it.”

The Marketplace – Part 2, Chapter 7