September 7th

I am in Seattle.  Wow, fog.  I haven’t seen fog in forever.  I’m taking it in and cherishing it.  I have not been there since 2009.  I am so excited to have returned to play and gentleman I saw before have made appointments to see me.  Tickled pink over this.  I love the ease I feel and the freedom to explore with return gents to serve.  I will be here today through Wednesday.


Thursday, September 12th, I fly to Las Vegas baby!  I haven’t decided on where to stay – so many choices!!!  I will let gentlemen who make appointments know, of course.  I will be in Las Vegas Only THREE days and nights.  Book now.  Don’t write me on Sunday asking if I’m still there.  I shan’t be.  Early bird and all that jazz….


Sunday, September 15th, back in Minneapolis by popular request.  Luv you Gentlemen.  Thank you for all the emails and pre-bookings before my ad even goes up.  YOU ROCK!!!  You make my universe thunder.  I feel wanted.  Kisses your palms.  Thank you.