I will not be bitter

I truly hate when a gent calls and makes an appointment, then falls out of communication and doesn’t show.  This is why I ask first time clients to pay a $50 deposit.  Then there is answering my call, rescheduling for the next day, only to be a No call, No show.


I am trying to wrap my head around how a gentleman that does this would still think I would let him tie me up, spank me, and have me trust him to ride the edge of play along the limit of what I can take/what I will take for him.


I wonder how this happens?


Somehow, when a gentleman has made an appointment, I have prepared for that session, driven for a while and then been here waiting, and then not deemed it important to show up, I must still be filled with grace, be polite, be open to service to the next gentleman.  I am not alone, I know other providers get treated this way.  It is still a poor way to treat someone who is waiting to serve you.


Please don’t.  If you can’t make it, call or text or email.  Thank you.