Philadelphia October 15 – 20

This week in Philly has been wonderful  I have loved the play.  Everything from young men wanting Mrs. Robinson to serious rope bondage.  Huzzah.


I am planning on getting a bigger room next time in Philadelphia.  There are only 2 queen bed rooms that don’t have a brick wall 2 feet from the side windows in this hotel.  I feel like i am in a cell when I don’t have a view of the street or am not able to see out anywhere.


Which prompted an epiphany this week, it dawned on me that long stays (over a day) in indoor cages are not my thing.  Stuck indoors makes me sad.  I wouldn’t want to be in a cage outdoors either, because of bugs, birds – all the nasty stuff Mother Nature has ready to pounce on you.


Therefore, I better be a good girl in relationship to the Cosmos.  I think the Cosmos is okay with charming, elegant, erotic, sensual beings.  Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, Compassion – you know – all the harder qualities one gets tested on by the Cosmos – that’s what counts.


Playing almost every day, I have truly learned my limitations.  I know what my skill set is and what I am scared of, and what I don’t like.  That doesn’t mean I won’t try to push my limits, I can always do my best.


I love my life.