Manhattan October 21 – 25

I am really liking the area I stay in Manhattan.  I found a grocery store I enjoy browsing the deli, D’agostino.  Good looking fresh fruit, that is ripe enough to eat that day.  I am a soy, oatmeal, fruit, meat eater.  I like vegetables,  I love fruit. I found a dry cleaners that caters to hotel staying people.  There are alot more prepared food buffets, one that has 1/2 off 5 – 7 PM just before they close.  I haven’t quite worked out how to exercise well every day.  The hotel I stay in does not have a gym.  I am busy when I am in Manhattan, which is good – I am not complaining there.  So, I just need to figure how to move my body around, stretch, do cardio, do my sit-ups/push ups every day and not be lazy in between work.  It is always something.  One can always be better.