New Haven October 26 – 27

This my first time in New Haven at the Omni downtown.  It’s very quiet.  Maybe all of Yale goes away on the weekend.  There is a terrific Square in the middle of town.  It makes for a great walk about.  For a college town there is a complete lack of hip bistros and vegetarian restaurants, people doing yoga on the grass at the Square. I found one vegetarian restaurant founded in 1975, Claire’s.   Obviously, there is a disconnect between my idea of college, towns, food and Yale.


On my way here, I was treated to a drive about by a friend.  We went to Bear Mountain State Park.  There was a Craft Fair and an amazing amount of cars that were lined up to attend.  What I found a surprise and completely wonderful was the Lodge and the Carousel.   The Carousel is in terrific shape and all the animals are exquisite.  The saddles on some of the horses have the most intricate paintings on them.  Some are designs, some are scenes.  The horses are not just one design.  They are quite different, not only in color but in the pose they are carved in. It was an incredible treat to ride and look at.  <3