Updating Web Sites

I am learning to do more fancy stuff on my web site, Ask subMissAnn.  I also have The North American Pony Trainer  web site and the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club web site to update.


I think the hardest task in the world is to sit at a desk in front of a computer and push little keys.  Seriously.  Sitting in my chair has always been a difficult task.  I received good grades in school despite the fact that I wanted to jump out of my seat all the time.   It is evidently hereditary, as when my daughter went to school, and I had to attend the Parent Teacher conference, I would hear those words “Amelia does really well, if we could only keep her in her seat.”  My reaction was always “It is difficult for some people.”


Grandma said I had to focus and discipline myself to sit or I would be punished because we just couldn’t have little girls jumping out of their seat and disrupting the class.  I always tried my best to be a good girl for Grandma.  Grandma gave wicked spankings.


Okay, so  my mind goes darting off to ROPE.  If I’m tied down, I can’t jump out of my seat so fast.  BELTS, lots of belts holding me down, holding me in place.  Then there is the SHACKLE fantasy, shackled to your desk you can only jump out of it and go *so*  far.



I have two points.


One is:  I wish to acknowledge the web site people that do this for a living.  WOW.  I have no idea how you sit here and do this day after day without going bonkers.


Two is:  I do what I do because ROPE, BELTS and SHACKLES not only sound like a reasonable solution,  they sound good to me.