What do you read?

Lately, I have taken to reading some BDSM erotica.  I had some thoughts that maybe since this is what is readily available for people to read, this is what gentlemen expect, how a gentleman thinks I will act.  It has on some levels been illuminating.  Why some gents think that a submissive is all about simply being  a piece of meat to use.  It explains why some gents think all I want is have a belt taken to me.


Anytime you put a person in a box, anytime you categorize or generalize anyone, including a “submissive” you do individuals a disservice.


I am here waiting to serve.  I offer to dress in a way that pleases you.  I offer to listen and obey.  I can’t just be on my knees waiting for you and we begin, we must conduct business first, but if you can handle that smoothly when you arrive, I won’t have to stop and ask.


I am pretty open and have a long play list.


If you wanted me to welcome you, shine your boots, you give me a good spanking over your lap or bracing myself and then you used me or not for your pleasure, I’d consider that a great session.


If you grabbed me up, took me into the shade in the field in the Valley Play Space, staked me down, had prearranged (and paid for) that I was in clothes you could cut off and then you did so, laughed, spit on me, peed on my body, stamped around in the pee mud around me, placed your boot with the piss mud on my body, on my cheek and then used me for your pleasure or not, I’d consider that a great session.


If you tied my leg to a length of rope attached to the bed, lied down and wanted me to give you a massage and tell you stories, spanked me then used me for your pleasure or not I’d consider it a great session.

I do like erotic spankings.  😉


If you came with bucket full of dirty old silverware, told me I had 30 minutes to polish it, then if I did not get it done you disciplined me for being too slow, I’d consider it a pretty novel session, and great and wow.  That one is right out of “The Marketplace”.


If you brought a book of BDSM short stories, flipped it to a page and did what was on that page, that would be quite novel.   That might be fun.


How about a deck of cards?  the red cards are the number of spankings/cropping/flogging and black is the number minutes of pleasure.  That could be a very fun game.


I can think of a lot of fun things to do.  Play is fun.  I have always thought so, since I was a wee lass.