Books about the Leather Community and being Leather

1) The Leatherrman’s Handbook
by: Larry Townsend
(Original or 25th anniversary edition)

2) The Leatherman’s Protocol Handbook: A Handbook on “Old Guard” Rituals, Traditions and Protocols
by: John D. Weal (this one is extremely controversial, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy researching why that is!)

3) Coming to Power: Writing and Graphics on Lesbian S/M, 2nd Revised and Updated Edition
by: Samois

4) Life, Leather and the Pursuit of Happiness
by: Steve Lenius

5) The Leather Contest Guide: A Handbook for Promoters, Contestants, Judges and Titleholders
by: Guy Baldwin

6) Leather Titleholder Manual: So You Want to be a Titleholder?
by: Jill Carter

7) International Mr. Leather: 25 Years of Champions
by: Joseph Bean

Safe Beginnings
by: Goddess Lakshimi (My leather Mother, Ms. World Leather 2003)

9) Leatherman
The Legend of Chuck Renslow
by: Tracy Baim & Owen Keehnen

10) The Leatherboy Handbook
by: Vincent Andrews

11) To Love, to Obey, to Serve: Diary of an Old Guard Slave
By: V. M. Johnson