The Brimstone Event is one of my favorites.  I hang out in Pony Hall.  Yes, they allot a huge space dedicated to Ponies where all the pony track is held.  My classes were on Friday at 3 PM (Gaits) and 7 PM (Creating yourself as a Pony) with the added highlight of bring The Queen’s Cup Blindfolded Cart Obstacle Course to Brimstone.


Speckles Pony and I won the Grand Championship Award at The Pony Show on Sunday.  Here is a video of that routine:





I am very proud of Speckles Pony.  I have been training him for about 3 years.   This year he won First Place in the “Trail Event” at the NA Pony Trainer Contest Queen’s Cup Event, “High Point Award” for Western Day hosted by the LA Pony and Critter Club and “Grand Champion” of the Brimstone Pony Show.  More important is the work that went into his attaining this level of skill, the texts i received asking if I would take him out for practice, the joy I get while watching him in front of me move perfectly as I have trained him. <3 my Speckles Pony