Los Angeles March 13 – 15

There is only a few days in my schedule to unpack Sin in the City, Leather and Leis, wash my clothes, pack for my 4 week trip back east, be ready for Saturday’s Animal Role Play Fest of a Social – Play Date – Photo Shoot and I still squeeze in work.


I took his word that he had bought special candles made for wax play that were low temperature.  I’m blindfolded and bound to a chair.


OMG  these drips are freakin’, frilling hot.  Stingy.  OMG.


I am squirming and yelling “Hot, hot, hot!”


You can never tell with people.  If it was Master Entropy and I squirmed and yelled “Hot” he might laugh at me and tell that isn’t a safe word or tell me I had this situation right.  Such is my life serving sadists.


This normal, demure man:  “Yes, take it, take my pain!”  He is dancing with delight all around me in my imagination.  I can only hear his footsteps, feel the motion of movement and the wax dripping from different origins.


Well, at least he had played the video of the Domina torturing her captive with hot wax, dripping it on her with delight in her eyes, the captive crying out and squirming that had thrilled him for me.


My mind races.  wondering how long this will go on, can I make it?


The candles are a finite amount of play.  Still I swear to myself I will supply my own candles next time.


And then it ends.  and he is happy and when I peel off the wax, my skin isn’t even red.


What a baby I am in my own mind.  =P