The Money Shot

In Washington DC and about to pack when a good return client I normally see in Chicago called.  Yes, I would see him.


I love feeling the connection, I love the opportunity to serve.  Truly, to open myself up to serve my clients, to make a difference in their lives and return them to their life more satisfied, it is glorious.


So, we play, commands, obedience, spanking….he asks me what shall we do next?


“Have to ever done a zipper?”


No, he hasn’t.    I pick up the ready threaded with cotton string clothespins and explain, handing him the string to hold while I attach the 12 clothespins to the underside of my breasts.  I ask him to please be committed when he pulls.


There is this wonderful moment in time, I am standing looking in his eyes and he is looking back and smiles and then he takes his pull.

Instant pain, but I never leave his eyes, I give it all back to him, though I am not loud, I can express and give my emotions without screaming, we are in a hotel room and it is 11 PM.


The look in his eyes, as he receives my communication, he allows it in and he is fulfilled.


I don’t know how long he held me in a hug.  To give him this experience is priceless.


I love my life.