Things to Do on Sunday to make Monday better

  1. Groom yourself Sunday.   Have your nails in shape, brush hair 100 times, thoroughly go over your teeth.
  2. Go to bed early.  More sleep equals feeling better and well rested on Monday, which equals to a more productive and well-balanced day.
  3. Have a Monday morning Playlist set up.
  4. Keep your Desk Tidy. Your office area is important to your being happy.  Have an organized space, know where everything is at all times, everything in its place.  Tidiness creates space for magic to happen.  (Okay, you had to do this last Friday, so, get on it.)
  5. Plan something you will look forward to for Monday night.  A dinner with a friend, a movie night, go to the gym, something that will make Monday special instead of blue.
  6. Set out a sharp ensemble to wear Monday the night before.  Looking good boosts your self-confidence and mood.  Rock your favorite (office appropriate) outfit to the office.