Dressage Training

Dressage Training as a Pony:

Got it.
Oh, you want this more collected. Okay.
What was that ? You want what?
No, really, i have no clue.
Okay. okay, I can do this.
i’m going where? 
Yes, i am a good Pony.
Water. Whinny!
We going again?
It is a trot. Okay, faster trot, got it.
I love this.
Oh, you want me to end up there on my half pass.
Okay. Got it.
I can do this all day.
What do you mean we are stopping?

Dressage Training as a Trainer:

(Looking at Test) what is the starting gait? 
This, this, this and then this – got it.
Oh, f@*k, what comes next?
We do what?
No, no, no, across the arena, full strides.
Oh, that’s beautiful. Nice.
Oh, damn. How do I do this?
Okay. And next?
Nice. Good form.
What is next? Really?
Okay, I get it, I see what the test wants.
Oh my gosh, this is exhausting.

How about some water, boy?

I need to try this again.
We need a bit more difference between Medium Trot and Working Trot, come on, you can do it.
Okay, Okay. Got this.
We got this.
You are an amazing Pony.

I’m sweating. I am so done.
Have some water.

That is mentally exhausting. And I’m hot. No, I am done.
Where are your brushes?