I have a new fur buddy companion, Ollie (short for Oliver)

I found Ollie at the No Kill Los Angeles Adoption Center.  He is a Lab mix.   I find his energy to be 80% Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  By his coloring, I would say Fox Hound is the next biggest mix in.  Ollie is a happy, jolly, friendly guy, a big teddy bear.  He has the most wonderful eyes.  Squirrels beware.

Rescue dogs are not always perfect, some need training.  Ollie is a smart boy and we are progressing nicely.  He needs to learn not to lunge at dogs on the street and start baying at them.  It is a very bad representation of wanting to be friends, wanting to play and demonstrates not having any social skills.  At the Dog Park, he does excellent.  I am certain with time we can correct this.  He pulls some times on the leash, so I am using the Gentle Leader with his harness.   It is more like reining, and I have more control and we do better on our walks around the neighborhood. 

Ollie and I hike in the morning, which I am loving.


We met some friends in the park and I discovered Ollie has frisbee skills.  I have never owned a dog that can run, jump and catch a frisbee.  Huzzah!


And Ollie has lost weight, he is lots more tone.